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16-18 October 2003 Bonn, Germany
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Abstracts of Presentations

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 A case study on sustainable flood management and mitigation in the Lower Mekong Basin
Author/Source: Thanongdeth Insisiengmay
MS-Word28 KB
 ADRC’s Efforts in Promoting Effective Early Warning in Asia
Author/Source: Satoru Nishikawa, Etsuko Tsunozaki
MS-Word30 KB
 Alerta Temprana em Incêndios Florestais na Amazônia
Author/Source: Wilson Pereira
MS-Word26 KB
 Community orientated early warning for disaster reduction on scientific basis
Author/Source: Ali Awan
MS-Word22 KB
 Community Preparedness for Volcano Hazards: Concern Worldwide's Experience in Goma, DRC
Author/Source: Auriol Miller
MS-Word45 KB
 Developing Resilience to Tropical Cyclones - The Mauritius Experience
Author/Source: Luc Chang-Ko
MS-Word73 KB
 Early Warning - or Message Misread? Extreme Weather in South Africa
Author/Source: Ailsa Holloway
MS-Word958 KB
 Early Warning and the Insurance Industry - Needs and Opportunities
Author/Source: Gerhard Berz, Wolfgang Kron, Anselm Smolka
MS-Word32 KB
 Early Warning of Wildland Fires - A Global Synthesis
Author/Source: Johann G. Goldammer
 Early Warning System for Geological Hazard in Indonesia
Author/Source: Djumarma Wirakusumah
MS-Word34 KB
 Early Warning System in Africa: Madagascar Case Study
Author/Source: Jean Seth Rambeloalijaona
MS-Word259 KB
 Early Warning Systems in the Caribbean: A Reflexion
Author/Source: Jeremy Collymore
 Early Warning Systems: Not a Simple Kit to be Donated to Developing Countries but a Different Philosophy of Partnership
Author/Source: Dario Tedesco
MS-Word38 KB
 Early Warnings of Severe Weather - Warning Management of the Deutscher Wetterdienst
Author/Source: Deutscher Wetterdienst
MS-Word28 KB
 ECPS's Seasonal Fire Danger Forecast
Author/Source: John Roads
 Effective Early Warning - use of hazard maps as a tool for effective risk communication among policy makers and communities
Author/Source: Muhammad Saidur Rahman
MS-Word31 KB
 ENSO biological versus physical early warning in the East Pacific
Author/Source: Wolf E. Arntz, Jürgen Laudien, Juan Tarazona
MS-Word27 KB
 Environmental Disasters: Computer Networks for Early Warning and Crises Management
Author/Source: Walter Hürster
MS-Word54 KB
 Ethical and legal aspects in the Early Warning Process
Author/Source: Andreas N. Küppers and Dieter C. Umbach
 EXPERT Meetings for Assessment of Early Warning Needs (Example: Early warning on the lower Mekong)
Author/Source: Erich J. Plate
MS-Word100 KB
 Flood and Storm Warning System in Vietnam
Author/Source: Nguyen Huu Phuc
MS-Word34 KB
 Flood Early Warning in France
Author/Source: Jean Marie Carrière
 Flood Hazard Managment, Mapping and Early Warning Systems in Jamaica
Author/Source: Errol Douglas
MS-Word67 KB
 Flood Mapping in Korea
Author/Source: Yang-Su Kim
MS-Word20 KB
 Floods – a European dimension
Author/Source: Helmut Blöch
MS-Word57 KB
 Global and Regional Tsunami Early Warning Systems
Author/Source: Laura S. L. Kong
 Harnessing Internet Power to Serve Weather Warning Purposes
Author/Source: Chiu Y. Lam
 Human Resource Development in Disaster Management in Mozambique
Author/Source: Silvano Langa
MS-Word51 KB
 Integración de Sistemas Locales de Alerta en la Estructura Nacional
(in Spanish)
Author/Source: Oscar R. Alcántara and César A. Moradel
MS-Word223 KB
 Integración de sistemas locales de alerta temprana
Author/Source: Lucas Simão Renço
MS-Word141 KB
 Integrating Disaster Reduction on Early Warning into Public Policies in India
Author/Source: Anil K. Sinha
MS-Word43 KB
 Integrating Early Warning in Disaster Preparedness and Response in Morocco
Author/Source: Mohamed Jalil
 International Flood Network (IFNet) and the Global Flood Alert System (GFAS)
Author/Source: Ryosuke Kikuchi
MS-Word103 KB
 International Research Center on El Niño (CIIFEN): Integrating scientific knowledge into Action
Author/Source: Jose Luis Santos
MS-Word39 KB
 Lessons Learned in Early Warning, Organized Civil Society Efforts and Disaster Reduction - Birth of CEUDIP
Author/Source: Jaromir Nemec and Ivan Obrusnik
MS-Word40 KB
 Living with Cyclones - Early Warning in India
Author/Source: Jürgen Kronenberger
MS-Word26 KB
 Main points of the presentation to be given in the local administrators’ panel discussion “Local Government’s Role
Author/Source: Kenichi Aoto
MS-Word35 KB
 Mainstreaming Early Warning of Natural Disasters and Conflicts
Author/Source: Hans Günter Brauch
 Mapping of Volcanic and Earthquake Hazards
Author/Source: Norman M. Tuñgol
MS-Word22 KB
 Presentation of the new Météo-France vigilance (awareness) system
Author/Source: Gérard Le Bars
RTF1,18 MB
 Recent Developments in Avalanche Risk Management in Switzerland
Author/Source: Michael Bründl et al.
 Sistema de Alerta Temprana
Author/Source: Tulio Santoyo Bustamente
MS-Word217 KB
 Successful Early Warning – cases of volcanic eruptions in Japan
Author/Source: Masaaki Nakagawa
MS-Word36 KB
 The Development of an Early Warning System for Forest Fire Management in East Kalimantan, Indonesia
Author/Source: Helmut Dotzauer and Lenny Christy
 The International Charter
Author/Source: Wolfgang Steinborn
MS-Word573 KB
 What should be done on drought in the framework of the ISDR platform?
Author/Source: Laban Ogallo
MS-Word81 KB