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16-18 October 2003 Bonn, Germany
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Submitted Abstracts

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 A Complex System "KIANK" of Estimation of the State of Natural Disasters Geodynamics
Author/Source: Rudolf G. Gevorgyan et al.
MS-Word37 KB
 A Proposed Method for Short-Term Prediction of Earthquakes through Piezo-Electric Properties of Quartz-Bearing Rocks
Author/Source: Gilbert El Kareh
MS-Word22 KB
 Community Preparedness a Neglected Aspect in Disaster Management - Trigger Mechanism a Model in Early Warning
Author/Source: Meda G. Prasad
MS-Word46 KB
 Current Seismic Hazard Assessment (CSHA) for Early Warning and Notification
Author/Source: Serguei Balassanian
 Early Warning of Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes in the Neapolitan Area, Campania Region, South Italy
Author/Source: Paolo Gasparini, Franco Barberi and Attilio Belli
 Early Warning on Landslide Affecting Rainy Season of October 2002 - April 2003 in Indonesia
Author/Source: Asep Effendi
MS-Word30 KB
 Early Warning System for Sustainable Development in Egypt
Author/Source: Magdy M. Wadid, M.A. Medany and A.F. Abou-Hadid
MS-Word25 KB
 Early Warnings in Caribbean Hurricanes: A Cuban Case-Study
Author/Source: José Rubiera
MS-Word32 KB
 Efforts Made in Preparedness and Management of Perennial Climate-Related Disasters in South Africa
Author/Source: Brad J. Garanganga
MS-Word66 KB
 Improved Technology and Human Networking for Early Warning of Drought and Flood Impacts on Food Security
Author/Source: James Verdin
MS-Word29 KB
 Is effective early warning possible in developing countries? Experiences from Latin America
Author/Source: Wolfgang Stiebens, Christina Bollin
MS-Word43 KB
 Landslides in the Polish Carpathians
Author/Source: Anna Piatkowska
 Mozambique: Human Resource Development in Disaster Management – Cooperation between the INGC (National Disaster Management Institute), Mozambique and InWEnt with the Support of UNDP on Behalf of the German Foreign Office
Author/Source: InWEnt
MS-Word92 KB
 Strategy for Storm Surge Mitigation in the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea
Author/Source: Shishir K. Dube
 Use of SpaceTechnology in Disaster Risk Assessment and Monitoring
Author/Source: Wilber Ottichilo
MS-Word47 KB
 Using Real-time Flood Forecasting and Prediction to Support Flood Control Decision-mkaing: The Case of Huai River Flood in 2003
presented by Ryosuke Kikuchi on 16.10.03
Author/Source: Jinping Liu
MS-Word27 KB
 Using the Satellite Remote Sensing Technology for Earthquake Disaster Early Warning
Author/Source: Mahmood Hosseini and Yasamin O. Izadkhah
MS-Word35 KB