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16-18 October 2003 Bonn, Germany
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EWC II Regional Consultations
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International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
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 Africa Regional Consultations Summary & Recommendations
Author/Source: Hesphina Rukato
PowerPoint107 KB
 Climate Risk and Early Warning
Author/Source: Reid Basher
PowerPoint1,08 MB
 Compilation of Regional Findings and Recommendations
Author/Source: Seth Vordzorgbe
PowerPoint87 KB
 Crisis-preparedness of the people” of Tarogong-Garut
a small town in the foot of Guntur Volcano, West Java-Indonesia
Author/Source: Mas Atje Purbiwanata and A. Djumarma Wirakusumah
PowerPoint3,22 MB
 Early Warning Programme
Author/Source: Sálvano Briceño
PowerPoint377 KB
 Effective Early Warning
- use of hazard maps as a tool for effective risk communication among policymakers and communities -
Author/Source: Satoru Nishikawa
PowerPoint555 KB
 Elements for Integrating Early Warning into Disaster Preparedness and Management Policies
Author/Source: Henri Josserand
PowerPoint393 KB
 EWC II: Basic tools for simple systems
Author/Source: Juan Carlos Villagran
PowerPoint1,28 MB
 Experience del Ecuador para la integracion de sistemas de alerta temprana en politicas de estado para la reduccion y mitigacion de riesgos
Author/Source: Lucio Gutierrez
PowerPoint70 KB
 Exposé de l’Intérieur et de la Reforme Administrative de Madagascar
Author/Source: Jean Seth Rambeloalijaona
PowerPoint323 KB
 Flood Hazard Mapping Project in Asia
Author/Source: Ryosuke Kikuchi
PowerPoint4,17 MB
 Flood Mapping in Korea
Author/Source: Yang-Su Kim
PowerPoint6,06 MB
 Hazard map and flood, storm warning system in Vietnam
Author/Source: Nguyen Huu Phuc
PowerPoint1,07 MB
 Hazard Mapping as a Tool for Effective Early Warning
Author/Source: Satoru Nishikawa
PowerPoint569 KB
 Integrating Early Warning in Disaster
Preparedness and Response in Morocco
Author/Source: Mohamed Jalil
PowerPoint132 KB
 Mainstreaming Early Warning of Natural Disasters and Conflicts
Author/Source: Hans Günter Brauch
PowerPoint1,03 MB
 Regional Consultation Europe
Author/Source: Jochen Zschau
PowerPoint954 KB
 Report of Regional Consultation on Early Warning Systems in Asia and the Pacific
Author/Source: Ti Le-Huu
PowerPoint1,6 MB
 Sample of Multi-Hazard Early Warning and Preparedness Process at WFP
Author/Source: Carlo Scaramella
PowerPoint586 KB
 Sistema de alerta temprana en la cuenca del rio Piura Piura-Peru: Exigencias Institucionales, experience, retos y desafios
Author/Source: Tulio Bustamente Santoyo
PowerPoint1,33 MB
 The french «meteorological vigilance» procedure
Author/Source: Gérard Le Bars
PowerPoint153 KB
 The role of regional networks in promoting drought early warning and preparedness
Author/Source: Pak Sum Low
PowerPoint1,09 MB
 To improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity
Author/Source: Helga Leifsdottir
PowerPoint480 KB