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16-18 October 2003 Bonn, Germany
16 October 2003
17 October 2003
18 October 2003

International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Federal Foreign Office


18 October 2003

9.00 - 10:15Presentations of Working Group Discussions (Plenary)
Co Chairs of the Conference: Sálvano Briceño, Hans-Joachim Daerr
Rapporteur : Reid Basher
 Findings and Conclusions of WG1, Chair of the WG1Download
(MS-Word 44 KB)
 Findings and Conclusions of WG2, Chair of the WG2Download
(MS-Word 33 KB)
 Findings and Conclusions of WG3, Chair of the WG3Download
(MS-Word 57 KB)
10:15 - 10:45Coffee Break
10.45 - 12:00Panel Discussion (Plenary)
 High level panel with Ministers and Government Representatives “Solutions for integrating Early Warning into Public Policy”
Chair: Claudia Roth, Member of Parliament, Commissioner of Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid,
Rapporteur: Helena Molin Valdes, ISDR
(MS-Word 34 KB)
(PDF 133 KB)
 Presentation: Henri Josserand, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)Download
(PowerPoint 393 KB)
Jean Seth Rambeloalijaona, Minister of Interior, Madagascar
 Roberto White, Minister of Public Works and Housing, MozambiqueDownload
(MS-Word 43 KB)
 Pubenza María Fuentes, Minister of Development Planning, Ecuador 
 Abdoulkader Doualeh Wais, Minister of Interior, Djibouti 
 Dahou Ould-Kablia, Deputy Minister of Interior, Algeria 
 Thomas Broni, Deputy Minister of Interior, GhanaDownload
(MS-Word 24 KB)
 Yang Yanyin, Vice Minister, Ministry of Civil Affairs, China 
12:00 - 13:30Emerging Issues (Side Rooms)
 Emerging Issues
Wolfgang Kron (Munich Re)
Early warnings and the insurance industry - Needs and opportunities
(MS-Word 32 KB)
 Andreas Küppers (Germany)
Interventions and responsibility: Some remarks on ethical and legislative aspects of the early warning process
(PDF 58 KB)
 Jürgen Laudien (Germany)
ENSO biological versus physical early warning in the East Pacific
(MS-Word 27 KB)
 Günter Brauch (Germany)
Mainstreaming early warning of natural disasters and of conflicts
(PowerPoint 1,03 MB)
(PDF 152 KB)
 Chair: Martin Owor (Uganda),
Rapporteur: Michael Bonte (Fiji)
(MS-Word 28 KB)
 Lesson Learned Session
Anil Sinha (India)
Integrating disaster reduction on early warning into public policies in India
(MS-Word 43 KB)
 Silvano Langa (Mozambique)
Human resource development in disaster management in Mozambique
(MS-Word 51 KB)
 Mohamed Jalil (Morocco)
Integrating early warning in disaster preparedness and response in Morocco
(PDF 94 KB)
(PowerPoint 132 KB)
 Erich Plate (Germany)
Expert meetings for assessment of early warning needs
(MS-Word 100 KB)
 Chair: Jeremy Collymore (CDERA), Rapporteur: Serguei Balassanian (Armenia) 
 Integration of local Early Warning in national systems (GTZ)(In Spanish)
Lucas Simão Renco (Mozambique)
(MS-Word 141 KB)
 Oscar Alcantara (Honduras) Integration of local systems of Early Warning in national systemsDownload
(MS-Word 223 KB)
 Tulio Santoyo (Peru)Download
(MS-Word 217 KB)
(PowerPoint 1,33 MB)
 Wilson Pereira (Brazil)
Early warning to forest fires in Amazon
(MS-Word 26 KB)
 Chair: Horst Müller (BMZ), Rapporteur: Thomas Schaef (GTZ)Download
(MS-Word 21 KB)
 Parallel Events in the Plenary Hall
Co Chairs of the Conference: Sálvano Briceño, Hans-Joachim Daerr
 Implementing Transboundary Early Warning Systems for Floods
E. Ruiz-Rodriguez (Germany)
Benchmarks of modern flood early warning systems
 Helmut Blöch (European Union)
Floods – a European challenge
(MS-Word 57 KB)
 Leszek Ciecwierz (Poland) 
 T.H. Oetjen, (Germany, Sachsen)
Lessons learned from the summer floods of 2002 – considering the goals of sustainable development in the reconstruction process
 New Technologies and Scientific Networks
Walter Hürster (Germany)
Environmental Disasters: Computer Networks for Crisis ManagementScientific Networks
(MS-Word 54 KB)
 Bruno Merz (Germany) Scientific Networks 
13:30 - 15:00Lunch Break
15:00 - 16:30Closing Ceremony (Plenary)
 Presentation of Conference Outcome and Follow up
(PowerPoint 377 KB)
 Elements for an international early warning programme and benchmarks and targets 2004-2015
Sálvano Briceño, Director, ISDR Secretariat
(PDF 208 KB)
 Presentation of Conference Statement
Hans-Joachim Daerr, Director General for Global Issues, The United Nations, Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid, Federal Foreign Office
(PDF 131 KB)
 Closing remarks