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 Working Group:
Climate Change and
 Disaster Risk Reduction
Finished 2005
 Working Group:
Disaster Reduction
 in Africa
 Working Group:
 Working Group 3:
 Risk,  Vulnerability &
 Disaster  Impact
Finished 2003
 Working Group 1:
 Climate and Disasters
 Working Group 2:
 Early Warning
 Working Group 4:
 Wildland Fires; Wildland
 Fire Advisory Group
 (since 2004
Working Group 2
Reports to IATF/DR
8th meeting
5-6 November 2003
7th meeting
10-11 April 2003
6th meeting
24-25 October 2002
5th meeting
25-26 April 2002

4th meeting
15-16 november 2001

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Working Group 2 : Early Warning

Chair: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The overall purpose of Working Group 2 is to support the early warning activities of Inter-agency Task Force members, the UN/ISDR Secretariat and other relevant partners, with a view to facilitate a more coordinated approach to improving early warning; thereby, contributing to the overall implementation of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

Contributions to the following areas:

  • Create a body of knowledge on early warning, to support a continued dialogue and 'good' practices, particularly in developing countries;
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing coordination mechanisms among international agencies, together with, and between, individual national scientific and technical agencies responsible for early warning;
  • Facilitate the development of existing regional and national and local capabilities for early warning systems;
  • Disseminate information on the role of early warning in risk reduction, in particular for relevant international, regional, national and local actors;
  • Enhance the collaboration between the groups and the harmonisation of activities;
  • Share early warning experience among countries through information dissemination and networking.



Institution Name email
ADRC Mr . Satoru Nishikawa
CDERA Mr. Jeremy Collymore
Drought Monitoring Centre, Nairobi Prof. Laban Ogallo (Mr.)
FAO Mr. Mwita Rukandema
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam Prof. Dr. Jochen Zschau (Mr.)
HABITAT Mr. Esteban Leon
IRI Mr. Chester F. Ropelewski
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Dr. Johann G. Goldammer
SOPAC Mr. Craig Pratt
UN/ISDR Mr. John Harding
UNDP-BCPR Mr. Andew Maskrey
UNEP Dr. Norberto Fernandez
UNESCO Soren Malling
WMO Mr. Evans A. Mukolwe