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 Working Group:
Climate Change and
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Finished 2005
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Working Group:
Climate Change and
Disaster Risk Reduction

Reports to IATF/DR
11th meeting
24-26 May 2005
10th meeting
7-8 October 2004
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Working Group on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

At its ninth session, the Task Force appointed a new working group on climate change and disaster risk reduction, to be co-chaired by UNDP and WMO. Its timeliness and importance were noted, as well as the work already underway among some stakeholders.

The WG was recognized as a key opportunity to share information between the disaster reduction and climate change communities, supported by the ISDR Secretariat (see also UN GA resolution 58/215 on Natural disasters and vulnerability).

The Working Group’s timeframe is 2004-2005. Within this period the following activity areas have been identified for the Working Group:

  • Facilitate a process of consultations to develop a policy paper on adaptation to climate change, disaster reduction and sustainable development.
  • Prepare a systematic inventory of regional, national and where possible sub-national initiatives that aim at building capacities for adaptation to changing climate extremes.
  • Make recommendations at the IATF12 to strengthen the integration between adaptation to climate change and disaster reduction at policy, program-design and operational levels through existing institutional mechanisms.

UNDP and WMO, with the support of the ISDR secretariat, developed the terms of reference and the first meeting of the group was held on 6 October 2004.

Contact persons
UNDP (co-chair):
Kamal Kishore
WMO (co-chair):
Buruhani Nyenzi
Maryam Golnaraghi
Amir Delju
ISDR Secretariat:
Reid Basher
John Harding
Silvi Llosa


Institution Name e-mail
ADPC A.R. Subbiah
IGAD Climate Prediction and
Applications Centre (ICPAC)

Laban Ogallo
IFRC Madeleen Helmer
SOPAC Russell Howorth
Tearfund Sarah La Trobe
UNDP Isabelle Pistone
UNEP Otto Simonett
UNFCCC Henning Wuester
UNU Katherina Thywissen
WHO Carlos Corvalan
World Bank Frank Sperling


Name e-mail
Francisco Szekely
Glenn Dolcemascolo
Marcus Moench