International Strategy for Disaster Reduction   

Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction
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 Thematic Custer/
 Platform on Knowledge
 and Education
 Working Group:
Climate Change and
 Disaster Risk Reduction
 Working Group:
Disaster Reduction
 in Africa
 Working Group:
WCDR preparations
 Working Group 3:
 Risk,  Vulnerability &
 Disaster  Impact
Finished 2003
 Working Group 1:
 Climate and Disasters
 Working Group 2:
 Early Warning
 Working Group 4:
 Wildland Fires; Wildland
 Fire Advisory Group
 (since 2004


Working Group WCDR preparations

This working group was convened after the eight session of the Task Force as an advisory body in support of the organizational and substantive work of the ISDR secretariat in the preparation of the Conference.