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Climate Change and
 Disaster Risk Reduction
Finished 2005
 Working Group:
Disaster Reduction
 in Africa
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 Risk,  Vulnerability &
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Finished 2003
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Working Group:
Disaster Reduction
in Africa

Reports to IATF/DR
10th meeting
7-8 October 2004
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Working Group on Disaster Reduction in Africa

The working group on disaster reduction in Africa was established after a special session on Africa at the eight session of the Task Force. A first planning meeting was carried out in April 2004 in Johannesburg in which the Terms of Reference of the Working Group were defined. The WG also considered a draft review of disaster reduction initiatives in Africa prepared under the auspices of ISDR with the NEPAD secretariat and the African Development Bank. The African Union (AU) and other Task Force members underlined the value-added of the ISDR African outreach programme in motivating the regional organizations to develop an African strategy, promoting a continental perspective and ownership to address vulnerability and disaster reduction. The AU stressed that this working group is considered as a key support for the NEPAD process in the area of disaster reduction.

The main focus of the working group will be to support the multi-stakeholder process to develop an African strategy for disaster reduction. The members of the working group will include regional and sub-regional institutions, the African Development Bank, UN agencies such as UNDP and UNEP, supported by UN/ISDR Africa. It should not expand beyond a manageable size. AMCEN and WMO were recommended as potential members. Organizations with specific expertise will be invited to participate whenever necessary.

Contact persons

Mr. Foday Bojang, African Union
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dr. Hesphina Rukato, Environment and Tourism, NEPAD Secretariat
Johannesburg, South Africa

UN/ISDR Africa: Feng Min Kan,


Institution Name e-mail
UN/ISDR Mohamed Abchir
WMO Yinka R. Adebayo
Sécurité Alimentaire et Environnent,
Joel Beassem
NEPAD Secretariat Elizabeth Byaruhanga
UN/ISDR Africa Feng Min Kan
Inter-governmental Authority
for Development, Horn of Africa
Laban Ogallo

UN/ISDR Africa Noroarisoa Rakotondrandria
COMESA Secretariat Mupelwa Sichilima
UN/ISDR, AU/NEPAD Consultant Seth Doe Vordzogbe
UNDP/BCPR Kenneth Westgate

Working documents

Guidelines for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Assessment in Development

Africa Regional Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction
Revised Draft
Meeting of Experts
Johannesburg, South Africa
31 May – 1 June 2004


Experts Meeting to Review the
Draft Africa Strategy on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
Meeting Report
Abstract of the Africa Regional Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction
Second Meeting of the
Africa Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction
3 June 2004, Development Bank of Southern Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa
Minutes of the Meeting

Towards Sustainable Development In Africa
Report on the Status of Disaster Risk Management & Disaster Risk Assessment in Africa
May 2004