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Ad-hoc discussion group on drought


The Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction (IATF/DR) requested the establishment of the ad-hoc discussion group on drought as a temporary panel of experts with the following guidelines.

  1. The Drought discussion group is established on an ad-hoc basis and with the objective of producing an expert report.
  2. The work will take place mainly by exchanging views through electronic mail in view of finalising a report to be released ahead of the next meeting of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction, planned for April 2003.

As agreed by the Task Force, the Group will:

  • Carry out an analysis of drought as a natural hazard and its implications for disaster reduction
  • Identify success stories on drought vulnerability reduction
  • Provide recommendations on what should be done in the framework of the ISDR to address drought issues, and
  • Focus on regional or sub-regional implications of drought


  • First meeting of the ISDR Ad Hoc Discussion Group on Drought
    11-12 March 2003
    House of Environment, Chatelaine, Geneva, Switzerland
    Agenda (52Kb)


Drought. Living with Risk: An Integrated Approach to Reducing Societal Vulnerability to Drought
What should be done on drought in the framework of the ISDR platform?
Calculation of Global Drought Hazard
Mathew Barlow, Heidi Cullen, and Brad Lyon. A joint project between Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR),and the International Research Institute for Climate Prediction (IRI)
Drought and Disaster Reduction
Donald A. Wilhite
IATF WG4 on wildland fire. Statement on Drought and Disasters
Other documents
Bibliography on drought
List of Experts: Drought Monitoring, Policy, and Planning











(1.226Kb) Reducing Vulnerability to Drought through Mitigation and Preparedness
Report to the Inter-Agency Task Force for Disaster Reduction
Sixth Meeting Geneva, Switzerland 24-25 October 2002

Dr. Donald A. Wilhite,
Director, National Drought Mitigation Center
International Drought Information Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

What could be done on drought within ISDR platform?
WG1 contribution to drought. Mr. Ogallo, Drought Monitoring Centre, Nairobi.(IATF April 2002)

(274Kb) Working Group 3 Contribution to the General Discussion on: DROUGHT
Risk, Vulnerability and Impact Assessment
25 – 26 April 2002









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