Former Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction
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 12th meeting
 22-24 November 2005
 11th meeting
 24-26 May 2005
 10th meeting
 7-8 October 2004
 9th meeting
 4-5 May 2004
 8th meeting
 5-6 November 2003
 7th meeting
 10-11 April 2003
 6th meeting
 24-25 October 2002
 5th meeting
 25-26 April 2002
 4th meeting
 15-16 November 2001
 3rd meeting
 3-4 May 2001
 2nd meeting
 10-11 October 2000
 1st meeting
 27-28 April 2000

5th meeting 25-26 April 2002

Summary record and conclusions

Geneva, 25-26 April 2002
Palais des Nations
Conference Room XVI

Thursday 25 April

Morning session 9.30-12.30
(including 30 min. coffee break)
Internal Meeting of the Members of the Inter-Agency Task Force
Afternoon session 14.30-17.30
(including 30 min. coffee break)
1. Introductory statement by the Chair
2. Adoption of the Agenda
3. Introduction by the Director of the ISDR Secretariat
The Director of the ISDR Secretariat will illustrate the state of the implementation of the ISDR programme in general and elaborate on some current and planned activities of the ISDR Secretariat. The paper “Note on the Activity of the ISDR Secretariat” will provide participants with additional details.

Reports from Task Force Working Groups

In addition to briefings from each Working Group, under this item there will be a general discussion on drought introduced by a presentation by WG1 complemented by comments from other Working Groups. The discussion is expected to lead to the identification of the role of the Task Force in this area of common concern.


 Working Group 1: Climate and Disasters

 Working Group 2: Early Warning
(391Kb)  Working Group 3: Risk, Vulnerability and Impact Assessment
(257Kb)  Working Group 4: Wildland Fires

18.00 Reception
Restaurant des Délégués
(8th floor, main building)


Friday 26 April

Morning session 9.30-12.30
(including 30 min. coffee break)
5. Global review of disaster reduction initiatives

The ISDR Secretariat will brief the Task Force on the ongoing global review of progress made around the world in the implementation of the goals and objectives of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. Participants are welcome to provide input and advice on the ongoing work as well as concerning future reports.


Disaster reduction in the context of the preparations for the World Summit on
Sustainable Development

With a view to following up on discussions held during the fourth meeting of the Task Force, participants will assess the ongoing preparatory process and the inter-agency efforts put in place to ensure that disaster reduction is adequately reflected in the work and outcome of the Summit.



Afternoon session 14.30-17.30
(including 30 min. coffee break)

2002 World Disaster Reduction Campaign

2002 has been declared the International Year of Mountains. The theme of this year’s ISDR campaign is “Disaster Reduction for Sustainable Mountain Development”, in an attempt to establish a synergistic linkage between the International Year and the momentum generated by the forthcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development. Participants will be requested to provide their views on the subject as well as their input for the finalisation of the campaign brochure designed by the ISDR Secretariat, which will be made available to the meeting.

2002 World Disaster Reduction Campaign


Future work of the Task Force

Under this Agenda item, members will review the current orientation of the work of the Task Force also taking stock of the advice of participating observers. In particular, members may wish to identify work to be done before next meeting as well as subjects for discussion at future meetings.

9. Any other business

Date of the Sixth Meeting of the Task Force