Former Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction
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 12th meeting
 22-24 November 2005
 11th meeting
 24-26 May 2005
 10th meeting
 7-8 October 2004
 9th meeting
 4-5 May 2004
 8th meeting
 5-6 November 2003
 7th meeting
 10-11 April 2003
 6th meeting
 24-25 October 2002
 5th meeting
 25-26 April 2002
 4th meeting
 15-16 November 2001
 3rd meeting
 3-4 May 2001
 2nd meeting
 10-11 October 2000
 1st meeting
 27-28 April 2000

3rd meeting 3-4 May 2001

Summary record and conclusions

GENEVA, 3-4 MAY 2001
Palais Des Nations
Conference Room XXII (E-Building)

Thursday 3 May

Morning session 9.30-12.30
(including 30 min. coffee break)
Internal Meeting of the Members of the Inter-Agency Task Force
Afternoon session 14.30-17.30
(including 30 min. coffee break)
1. Introductory statement by the Chair
2. Adoption of the Agenda
3. Briefing by the Director of the ISDR Secretariat
4. Reports from Task Force Working Groups

 Working Group 3: Risk, Vulnerability and Assessment
  Summary Report

 Proposed guidelines and work plan of the Working Group 4 on Wildland Fires

18.00 Reception
Restaurant des Délégués
(8th floor, main building)


Friday 4 May

Morning session 9.30-13.00
(including 30 min. coffee break)
5. Revised Framework for the implementation of the Strategy

Involvement of the scientific community in disaster reduction

7. World Disaster Reduction Campaign 2001
Afternoon session 14.30-17.30
(including 30 min. coffee break)
8. Preparation of the Updated and Expanded Terminology on Disaster Reduction
9. Future activities and scope of the work of the Task Force

Any other business


Date of the Fourth Meeting of the Task Force

Additional documents
Capacity Building for Disaster Reduction in Developing Countries
Disaster Reduction and Sustainable Development
April 2001
Revised version of the Focus Paper No.1, “Mainstreaming of Disaster Reduction into Sustainable Development and National Planning” prepared for the second meeting 10-11 October 2000 of the ISDR
(111Kb) Early Warning Issues: A Discussion Paper
(40Kb) Establishment of an Advisory Scientific and Technical Group for the ISDR
(39Kb) The Application of Research, Science and Technology to Disaster Prevention