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Toshizo Ido has been Governor of Hyogo Prefecture since 2001, site of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995. Mr. Ido says the hard work of local residents, with support from both home and abroad, have allowed the area’s cities and towns to recover from destruction. However, Mr. Ido believes that, while the passage of time has healed people's pain, their memories have also faded. “We are apprehensive about the future since one third of our residents have no experience of the earthquake as they either moved to Hyogo or were born after the earthquake, and the memories and lessons learned concerning disaster prevention are starting to fade away even among the remaining two thirds of residents,” he says. With that in mind, he is a big proponent of passing down the experience and lessons of the 1995 catastrophe to future generations to enhance our disaster preparedness. Mr. Ido is also president of the Union of Kansai Governments, a group headed by seven prefectural governors in the south-central region of Japan. Hyogo is in charge of a region-wide disaster contingency scheme to prepare for earthquakes.

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