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Learn more about what steps to take to implement disaster risk reduction and resilience. Consult the campaign information kit, the nomination guidelines for local governments, the handbook for local government leaders (see Toolkit) and guidelines for using the local government self assessment tool (LG-SAT).

All participating entities, groups and cities are encouraged to:
How will UNDRR support cities and local governments during the Campaign

As the coordinator of the Campaign, UNDRR will facilitate regional and global partnerships in support of local governments participating in the campaign. UNDRR will:

Shared responsibility

No earmarked funds are available at UNDRR to sponsor projects and initiatives by cities and local governments as part of the campaign. Cities and their partners are expected to be self-supporting as they organize awareness-raising events, convene meetings and engage in planning on campaign objectives. UNDRR may consider specific proposals for co-funding and on an exceptional, case by case basis, if resources are available. UNDRR and campaign partners will work to convince national, multi-lateral and bi-lateral development organizations to give priority to urban risk reduction projects and funding. Information on such projects and funds will be shared on the campaign website. See the Handbook for financing options in chapter 3