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The appointment of Mom Rajawongse Paribatra recognizes the work that has been accomplished in Bangkok by all the governors over the past 25 year to reduce flood risk. The awarding ceremony took place at the UN Conference Centre in Bangkok during the official campaign launch in Thailand.

Historically, major flood events occurred in Bangkok at a rate in every 3-5 years. The city is located in a low-lying delta near the Chao Raya River. The annual monsoon season, heavy rainfall and high volume of run off from the northern part of Thailand, combined with inefficient drainage system, tidal backflow during high tide, land subsidence and conversion of flood plains to residential areas produce significant flood risk. Since the major flood in 1983, six governors have put together hard work and effort to alleviate this risk, including preparedness and readiness with population at risk, construction of a dyke system and polder system (dykes, pumping station and control gates) and improved larger drainage tunnels and recent dredging of existing canals. These measures have developed over time.