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Mr. Mohammad Delbari has been the Mayor of Qom since 24 August 2011, he was elected through the Islamic City Council of Qom. Mr. Delbari’s background includes a Master Degree in Business Administration with focus on Management,University of Tehran; and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Azad University of Tehran. Mr. Delbari is the founder and chairman of financial and credit institutions “Salehin”. He has worked as an and Economic and Special Adviser for the Municipality of District 1 in Tehran for several years. Mr. Delbari is an active member of the Committee on Islamic Banking and Finance, Ministry of Economy. Mr. Delbari has been elected as the Country’s Leading Directors in 2011. Under Mr. Delbari’s leadership the Qom Disaster Management and Mitigation Centre (QDMMC) was established. He also created 12 new fire brigade stations and made mandatory the training of municipality staff in DRR in Qom.