Making Cities Resilient:
My City is Getting Ready
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Jose Manuel Corral has been the Mayor of Santa Fe City in Argentina since December 2011. After taking the office, Mr. Corral decided to continue and improve actions in regard to the integrated risk management strategy, such as incorporating DRR in the urban development plan, as well as promote a culture of disaster prevention. These are policies that earned Santa Fe the recognition as a "model city" of the Making Cities Resilient in 2011 and the "Sasakawa" UN Award that same year.

Comprehensive prevention of disaster is one of key issues of a city with the particular characteristics like Santa Fe, which is surrounded by rivers expanding over the years and suffered the most tragic floods in its history in 2003 and 2007.
Jose Corral’s plan is to work toward building a city ready for future risks. This is one aspect of Santa Fe’s Development Plan 2020.

A highlight is the comprehensive risk management that helps to shape a coherent collaborative effort across all parts of the government. This has allowed for 10 essentials of the campaign to advance in urban planning strategies, as well as institutional construction and consolidation.

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