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Mr. Joey Salceda is known in the Philippines as the “Green Economist Governor.” He was an advisor to the Philippine Government, which was one of several nations working together to create guidelines for the Green Climate Fund, launched by the UN climate change body (UNFCCC) in 2011 to channel financial resources to developing countries for climate change adaptation and mitigation. At home in Albay Province, Governor Salceda led efforts to identify vulnerabilities in 720 disaster prone barangays, which is the smallest local government unit in the Philippines. He has used several innovative methods to create a culture of prevention, including by convening an inter-faith forum in 2008 that brought leaders of the Catholic and Muslim faiths together, resulting in the “Oratio Imperata” as the mandated prayer for DRR and CCA, which is recited during religious activities in the province. As part of a province-wide food-for-work programme, the Governor put people to work replanting 318 hectares of mangrove swamps to better protect coastal areas from dangerous storm surges and build tsunami resiliency. Governor Salceda is active on social media, publishing the Green Economist Blog to promote public awareness; he has made sure that disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation is included in lesson plans in all learning areas in elementary and secondary schools

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