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Mr Graterón is currently the President of Humanitarian Foundation in Venezuela. He was the former mayor of Chacao, Venezuela. He graduated from the Catholic University Andres Bello (UCAB) with advanced studies in Management Studies, Philosophy, Human Rights and Negotiation; He also holds a Honorary Doctorate degree from the International University of Brussels.

From his assumption of office as the city mayor in 2008, Emilio Graterón took on the challenge of the city transformation to build a new culture promoting citizens’ respect for each other, peace and responsibility for the environment. During his term in office, Mr. Graterón promoted the strengthening of Chacao municipality’s resilience. Thanks to his outstanding performance in incorporating environmental risk management and civic culture, Mr. Graterón has been recognized by the UNDRR as a "Leader Champion" for Latin America of the Making Cities Resilient 2010-2015. He also contribute to the creation of more efficient garbage collection throughout the Caracas metropolitan. Chacao is also the first municipality in the country to possess an effective solid waste recycling model.

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