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Aura Saldaña C. Rosario is the Mayor of the Municipality Sabana de la Mar (Dominica) since 2006. She is currently Vice President of FEDOMU (Dominican Federation of Municipalities) and holds the presidency of the Standing Committee on Environment and Risk Management. She is also a Delegate to the Executive Committee of the Dominican Municipal League and Delegate for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Political Development Forum held in Brussels, Belgium. The goals of the municipality is: the future is now and this is the reason why Sabana de la Mar is preparing to resilience, with the participation of all stakeholders in the process of risk.

Ms. Sadaña strong leadership is not limited to the management of a local government, but also a key player in many activities for Disaster Risk Management in numerous Municipalities of the Dominican Republic, in coordination with the Dominican Federation of Municipalities and the Dominican Municipal League.

Current activities in DRR of the Municipality include:

• The formation of the Municipal Committee for the Prevention, Mitigation and Response (CMPMR), constantly organize meetings to plan the activities of prevention, mitigation and check the progress of the proposed goals;
• Construction of a Center for Public Safety where houses the Fire Department, the Red Cross, Civil Defense and Municipal Committee for Prevention, Mitigation and Response;
• Assessment of Educational Centers and Hospitals;
• Education and Training Programs;
• Regular cleaning of drainage pipes;
• Zero Waste Program;
• Budget Allocation for Risk Management;
• Municipal Risk Management Plan (in progress);
• Municipal Emergency Plan (in progress);
• Organization of School Safety Committee, in collaboration with Dominican Red Cross.

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