Disaster risk reduction begins at school
2006-2007 World Disaster Reduction Campaign
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The campaign is supported
by the ISDR system
thematic cluster on knowledge and education, which is convened by:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

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Photo gallery
Launch of the 2006-2007 Disaster Risk Reduction Begins at School Campaign
ISDR Director, Sálvano Briceño addressing participants Sabine Quindou from “C’est pas sorcier” engages children to discuss their experiences with natural hazards
ISDR Director, Sálvano Briceño, with children from the Collège de Chinon who developed a network of youth ambassadors to work on disaster risk education projects in countries such as Haiti and Niger. Tilly Smith, UK, Logham Salamatien, Iran and Remi Takaze, Japan all have experiences learning about natural hazard risks