The Adaptation Ledger™ Integrated Platform: Using Disruptive Technologies to Tackle Climate Change Resilience and Preparedness

15-17 May 09:00 - 18:00
Booth: 21, Expo Center Foyer (1st Floor)
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Adaptation Ledger
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Adaptation Ledger Ltd. (A-L) proposes to present its organizing framework which utilizes disruptive technologies to address climate disruption. Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), popularly known as “blockchain,” can help bring to scale the actions and investments needed as part of the transformational change envisioned by the goals of the Sendai Framework, the Paris Agreement and many of Sustainable Development Goals. A-L believes nextgen governance and digital innovations such as blockchain can provide efficiency, transparency, accountability, extensibility, scalability, inclusiveness, and integrity to help make climate adaptation solutions attractive to investors and reduce our vulnerability -- and losses.

A-L will showcase posters on how the various disruptive technologies will combine with standards, metrics, data streams and governance innovations and be deployed to reduce disaster risk. More specifically, we will describe our ongoing work to develop nextgen governance and digital applications in the context of coastal risk reduction and in drought-stressed agriculture systems. This will be an interactive space where participants would access demos and at periodic intervals they would hear a short, interactive introduction to the Adaptation Ledger concept. Participants would discuss their challenges and needs with A-L experts and will be encouraged to provide their feedback and bring up situations (vulnerable systems, hazards, or disaster risk management systems that are facing increasing stresses) that the Adaptation Ledger might be able to address.

Since A-L solutions are scaleable and address the full range climate-related DRR challenges, the broad-based Global Platform audience would benefit from gaining a basic understanding of the innovative technologies and approaches being integrated by Adaptation Ledger.