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What is tsunami?
In brief - Recent and historical tsunamis - Tsunami early warning system technique - Tsunami warning systems
- Key tsunami actors & organisations - Research projects - Further reading

Research projects
NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL)
PMEL is actively involved in tsunami research and implements a large-scale programme of deep-sea tide gauges for tsunami detection in the open ocean. Their website provides real-time data from the tide gauges and explains other research efforts as well.
Tsunamis and Earthquakes: Tsunami research at the USGS
This website provides current information on tsunamis and earthquakes as well as active links and animated tsunami models.
The Tsunami Community
An ad hoc committee of tsunami researchers has developed this web site to provide policymakers, scientists and the general public access to the outcomes of tsunami research. The site provides datasets and benchmarks for use and revision.

The Tsunami Society
The Tsunami Society publishes the ‘Science of Tsunami Hazards’, a peer-reviewed journal dealing with tsunami research. The site also displays the Science of Tsunami Hazards' table of contents, while full text issues are available at as part of the Los Alamos Laboratory "Library without Walls" project.

USC Tsunami Research Group
This site belonging to the University of Southern California includes coverage of the Papua New Guinea post-tsunami survey and coverage of the tsunami accompanying the Turkish earthquake in August 1999.