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Dear colleagues and partners,

The protection of the environment has become a recurrent theme these days, and young people are the first ones to express strong interest in ecology and the protection of earth. It is therefore important for future generations, as the leaders of tomorrow, to learn about the long-term aspects of such a protection, and to provide them with the necessary early education for a better understanding of both natural hazards and the way to prevent their disastrous impact on societies.

Young people represent powerful forces for change and for mobilization. They occupy a central place in promoting a necessary change in behaviours and a shift in mentalities, if a successful disaster prevention and risk management are to be achieved. Young people should be given the chance to ensure their own protection and the protection of their world, through appropriate education and level of responsibility in the decision-making process.

The devastating impact of wild fires in the United States, the Mediterranean Basin, the Russian Federation and in South East Asia has demonstrated that some climatic variabilities have exacerbated the threat of forest fires, which has become predominant in most parts of the word and endangers millions of lives as well as the natural ecosystem. This dramatic situation illustrates the need for cross-border and cross-sectoral partnerships. We all rely on each other and all need each other to survive and protect our planet. Let’s ensure a smooth continuity between generations through a fruitful exchange and sharing of knowledge and experience on disasters in order to perpetuate an acceptable quality of life for all, in particular for all communities at threat from disasters.

The ISDR Secretariat wishes to thank you all, in particular Global Fire Monitoring Centre from Freiburg, Germany, the Emergency Management Australia, the French “Entente interdépartementale en vue de la protection de la forêt et de l’environnement contre l’incendie”, the French “Conservatoire de la Forêt Méditerranéenne”, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, “Sistema Nacional de Aeras de Conservación”, National Commission on Wildfires of Costa Rica and the South African Santam / Cape Argus Ukuvuka Operation Firestop for your high quality contribution to the Information Kit for the UN 2000 World Disaster Reduction Campaign as well as for your cooperation in making the 2000 ISDR Promotional Campaign a success. Special thanks also go to ISDR Regional Office in Costa Rica for their highly appreciated participation in the elaboration of the Information Kit.

We wish you all best of luck and every success in your respective initiatives to celebrate the United Nations 2000 World Disaster Reduction Campaign on “Disaster Prevention, Education and Youth”!

The ISDR Secretariat

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