Coordination – Cooperation - Coherence

15-17 May 09:00 - 18:00
Booth: 10, Expo Center Foyer (1st Floor)
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Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Debe Stresemannstr
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Germany’s proposal for the Innovation Platform will display how resilience can be strengthened via the generation of coherence between the post-2015 agendas such as the Sendai Framework for DRR, the 2030 Agenda, the Paris Agreement, the New Urban Agenda and the Agenda for Humanity.

These global agendas are all aiming for more resilience, sharing the common goal of reducing the harmful effects of natural hazards and climate change on society, ecosystems and infrastructure. The achievement of sustainable outcomes by individual agendas will, however, depend on a successful implementation of all of them, as it is only in combination that they cover the range of potential risks to sustainable development.

Thus we are convinced that processes, such as planning, implementing and reporting to several global agendas have to be operated coherently. Our booth will demonstrate why that is the case and how it can be done.

The booth on “Coordination - Cooperation - Coherence” will have three main features:

• Its physical appearance will be characterized by a three-dimensional depiction of the coherence challenge. Four transparent vertical tubes will be placed, each one representing a different global agenda. Visitors of our stand are invited to write down issues or topics, which concern them and sort them into the most appropriate tube – thereby experiencing the complementarity of the agendas and the challenge of coherent action.

• On the three interactive screens of our booth, the coherence-theme is taken up from three perspectives:

o Screen 1 on “Better understanding Agenda Coherence” will present theses on the issue taken from academic literature, international dialogue and practical experience. Costs of incoherence will be explained, limits of coherence will be sorted out and coherence levers will be identified.

o Screen 2 on “Bringing Coherence into Sectors” will show what agenda coherence means for different sectors such as governance, urban development, humanitarian aid etc. Coherence will be spelt out in practical terms, showing its relevance on the ground. Interactive applications like e.g. “City Works” will help attendees to connect concrete policies with global agendas.

o Screen 3 on “Good enough Coherence” will demonstrate how Germany, Mexico, the Philippines and others countries are making agenda coherence for resilience a reality by presenting institutional settings and multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder coordination and cooperation formats.

• The live program of our booth entails short film screenings related to “Coordination –Cooperation - Coherence” followed by question and answer sessions with relevant stakeholders or experts in relation to each film. We hope this format invites lively exchanges among stakeholders and different visitors to our booth. Among others, short films on “Understanding coherence” and “Good coherence practices made by Germany” will be shown.