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Mishal Husain

Mishal Huasin will be the Moderator at EWC III for Session 2:  Hazards of Water

Mishal Husain is a familiar face to BBC viewers across the world, as a presenter for the  international channel BBC World. Apart from the news, she also presents the  interview programme HardTalk Extra and the interactive programme Talking Point. In the UK, she is a regular presenter of BBC1's Breakfast and  reported for the current affairs programme Real Story, also on BBC1. 

Mishal Husain is particularly well known in the United States, where she presented nightly news programmes from the BBC's Washington studio, notably through the Iraq War. She was also a Washington correspondent for the Six O'Clock News

Mishal joined the BBC as a producer, before becoming a business reporter and  presenter. In September 2000, she became the launch presenter of Asia  Business Report, based in Singapore, and later returned to London to co-present its sister programme, World Business Report.

Her career has included reporting live from Times Square in New York, as the  financial markets reopened after 9/11; covering the first anniversary of the  terrorist attacks from the Pentagon; breaking the news that the Iraq war had  begun in March 2003; presenting on location from Istanbul after the terrorist attacks of November 2003; and covering the 2004 US presidential election  campaign. She is also known for challenging interviews, ranging from the former US Secretary of State James Baker and the Pentagon adviser Richard Perle, to the actor Ewan McGregor and the writer Paulo Coelho.