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Thomas Kausch

Thomas Kausch will be the Moderator at EWC III for Session 1: Hazards of the Earth

Thomas Kausch (42) never wanted to  be anything other than a journalist. At the age of 17 he started his career as a reporter for a local newspaper. While studying political science, English and  German, he worked as a freelancer for the German national press agency 'dpa'  and the public TV channel WDR. In 1990,  he went to New York where he stayed for three years working on a newspaper for German immigrants, the German public broadcaster ARD and as a producer at the  office for the German correspondent for ZDF, another major German public  television channel.

In the 3 years that followed,  Thomas Kausch was a World Affairs Reporter for ZDF. During that time, he  reported mainly from war sites and places of crisis such as Rwanda, Somalia or  Iraq. Those were his "globetrotter years", as he likes to put it. After this period of time, he worked as the southeastern Europe correspondent for ZDF in  Vienna. There he covered the Kosovo and Balkan region.

After a short intermezzo on ZDF's top news show "heute journal", Thomas hosted the late news "heute nacht" (also ZDF). In autumn 2004, he moved to the private channel SAT1, where he has been  the head of information and an anchorman for SAT1 NEWS ever since.

In 2005, Thomas Kausch was both nominated for the "Deutscher Fernsehpreis" and the "Bambi", two highly prestigious awards in the German media scene.