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First Advisory Group Meeting

26-27 March 2007, Bonn, Germany

The First Advisory Group Meeting of the International Early Warning Programme (IEWP) was held from 26-27 March 2007 at the United Nations Campus in Bonn, Germany.


  IEWP(I)/Inf.1 Indicative Schedule of Work
  IEWP(I)/Inf.2 Information Note
  IEWP(I)/Inf.3 List of Participants
  IEWP(I)/1 Rev.1 Provisional agenda and annotations
  IEWP(I)/2 Annual report of the PPEW 2006
  IEWP(I)/3 Report on the Outcome of the multi-donor initiative “Evaluation and Strengthening of early Warning Systems in countries affected by the 26 December 2004 Tsunami”
  IEWP(I)/4 Draft PPEW work programme 2007
  IEWP(I)/5 Report of the EWC III Review for Technical Appraisal of Project Proposals

---Please note, that the document has 208 pages. It is recommended to print the first 21 pages. Annex V includes all reviews.---

  IEWP(I)/6 Report of the Preparatory Meeting of the Interim Advisory Group of the IEWP
  IEWP(I)/7 IEWP Strategic Plan 2007-2009
  IEWP(I)/8 Status of the report of the UN Secretary-General to the sixty-second session of the GA on the subject of a global early warning system
  IEWP(I)/9 Report on streamlining work related to PPEW communications and public outreach

Interim Advisory Group Meeting

1-2 December 2006, Bonn, Germany

In December 2006 met the Interim Advisory Group Meeting of the IEWP.

Stakeholder Meeting

29 March 2006, Bonn, Germany

The Stakeholder of the International Early Warning Programme (IEWP) was held after the Third International Conference on Ealy Warning (EWC III) in Bonn, Germany.