The Secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN/ISDR) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
On-line Conference
A framework to guide and monitor disaster risk reduction
from 25 August to 26 September 2003
basic document
Topic 1
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Topic 3: 10 days
From 11 to 21 September
Monitoring and measurement of achievements in disaster risk reduction

For discussion and comment:

  • What benchmarks (and indicators) would you suggest to monitor progress and accomplishment in each thematic area of the Framework? Please add, change or modify.
  • How can progress or accomplishments in disaster risk reduction be monitored and measured? What actions and activities would you suggest?
  • What methods and tools would you suggest to measure and record progress and accomplishments (qualitative and quantitative)? What methodological problems can be expected?
  • What political challenges do you foresee in reaching globally agreed benchmarks? What political challenges do you foresee in monitoring and measuring progress with them?
  • Do you know of any similar initiatives or examples that can help us in developing the benchmarks and indicators?

See draft disaster risk reduction framework.

Many examples of attempts to develop benchmarks and related indicators on this subject show that complex issues need to be considered. One of the short-term need where such a commonly agreed upon set of benchmark would be crucial, is the development of a "roadmap" or plan of action to guide disaster risk reduction in the future. This will be considered during the comprehensive review in 2003-2004 of the Yokohama strategy and plan of action of 1994.

This review, requested by members States in UN General Assembly, is expected to culminate in the adoption of a programme of action 2005-2015 to be discussed at the second World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (tentatively 18-22 January 2005, Kobe-Hyogo, Japan) which should lead to increased political commitment to achieving agreed benchmarks and place disaster risk reduction closer to the sustainable development monitoring.

Topic 3 will focus on how disaster risk reduction can be recorded and measured. Very tentative elements to trigger the discussion on criteria for benchmarks are provided in the draft framework.