Special Event on Women Leadership in Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience

25 May 2017
13:00 - 15:00
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Christel Rose (rosec@un.org)
Participation: Public
Accessible: Yes
Primary floor language: English
Interpretation: No
ISL Interpretation: No
Live Broadcast: No
Remote Participation: No

The Sendai Framework provides a turning point in recognising women’s indispensable
role in reducing risk and building resilience in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable
Development. The Special Event will reiterate and promote women's leadership and
empowerment as critical elements for effective disaster risk governance. The event will
feature women leaders in DRR and champions of gender equality from national and local
governments, the private sector and international organisations. The discussion will address
key challenges and highlight opportunities for women’s effective and consistent engagement
in the planning and decision-making process for DRR as well as in shaping the relevant
institutional environment as a key contribution to the development, implementation and
monitoring of gender-sensitive DRR strategies by 2020. The event will also address critical
aspects of capacity-building, technical and financial requirements and will feature countries’
commitments to a global programme DR for gender-sensitive resilience in support of reaching
the Sendai Framework’s targets by 2030.