Towards 1 million safe hospitals for the most vulnerable: how a public-private partnership can help improve neonatal and maternal health in Mexico

25 May 2017
14:00 - 14:55
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Mexico Institute of Social Security Secretary of Health of Mexico AXA Mexico
Ingrid Cerwinka (
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Fragmented health systems pose enormous challenges in developing countries. In these contexts, many “subsystems” co-exist and risk pooling is hardest for the most vulnerable: indigenous women living in poverty. Natural disasters create even more pressure for public health systems. This calls for cooperation through public-private-NGO partnerships, where each member provides specialized knowledge, funding or credibility towards the community both to prepare and respond effectively.

This panel will share how AXA is leading a focalized intervention in Chiapas, Mexico. Speakers will discuss how a partnership including two health “subsystems” that is measurable, human-centered and evidence-based can improve newborns’ and mothers’ health.