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Inventory of Early Warning Systems

This inventory, comprising a database and web-accessible enquiry forms, has been developed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the German Disaster Reduction Committee (DKKV), as a collaborative initiative of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction (IATF/DR) Working Group on Early Warning. It aims to provide a systematic information base on effective early warning systems to support policymakers and practitioners who are concerned with developing and operating early warning systems.

It is aimed that the inventory will be transferred to the care of the PPEW . Therefore PPEW was reviewing the inventory’s design and content, in order to clarify the audience and their needs, identify improved data collection strategies, and to generally plan its further development and consolidation.

At present the inventory contains records for about 55 systems. A big task for the future will be to expand this to include the many hundreds of early warning systems that exist around the world. Additionally, information is needed on all of the four elements of effective early warning systems.

Explore the Inventory of Early Warning Systems now. Bear in mind it is at an early stage of development. We would welcome your feedback on its design, content and utility – please contact us at