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Programme Scientific & Technical Symposium
Submission of abstracts
Guidelines for presenters
International Scientific Advisory Board
Local Scientific Programme Committee

United Nations
International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Federal Foreign Office


Guidelines for Presentations, Presenters and Speakers

Conference Languages

The conference languages (Priorities and Projects Forum) will be English, French and Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in these three languages.

German may be spoken but there will be no interpretation into German.

Participants may therefore choose to intervene or make presentations in either of the three conference languages or in German. Handouts and other materials used by speakers should be submitted in English. The secretariat cannot provide translations of such materials.

There will be no interpretation service in the Scientific and Technical Symposium which will be entirely in English.

Technical Information

Presentations / speeches will be projected from the conference facility PC.
Please do not bring own laptops. VHS video projection will not be available.

Data Carriers

Import from the following data carriers:
• CD-Rom
• DVD-Rom
• USB-Sticks (Windows XP compatible)
No 3˝” Discs!

Permitted Format

• Microsoft Powerpoint (up to Office 2003)
No Macintosh-Format!

Non-standard fonts used in presentations have to be submitted on a data carrier.

Video Formats

*.avi, *.mov, *.mpg

Please note that due to technical reasons connected with the video wall it is not possible to integrate videos into a powerpoint presentation.

Submission of Presentations

Each MS Powerpoint presentation including all integrated files and fonts has to be stored on a data carrier in one folder which is named as follows:



Presentations / speeches should be submitted on data carriers on Sunday, 26 March 2006 from 10 – 17 h at the “Media Check” room on-site. Please find enclosed a map for further details. This service will be on a first come first serve basis.

In particular exceptional cases presentations might be submitted at the Media Check room at the latest 2 hours in advance of the session (not in advance of the speech).

Additional Information

Laserpointers will not be visible at the video wall.
Mouse pointer will not be visible during the presentation.
Presentations can be operated by speakers with a wireless mouse that allows forward/backward operations.
For technical reasons colours might vary when displayed via beamer or video wall.