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Extreme Floods
Wildland Fire
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United Nations
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Extreme Floods

Room E, 13:00 - 14:00

Advancing human security through knowledge-based approaches to reducing vulnerability and environmental risks,
Janos Bogardi (UNU-EHS)

Experience of an operational flood warning management system, Central Mosambique (SIDPABB),
Moisés Vicente Benessene (INAM)


Risk management of extreme floods

Three vivid presentations in the side event “risk management of extreme floods” elucidated different aspects of this topic. Professor Janos Bogardi (UN-University) informed about the International Flood Initiative (IFI) which was set up for a lifespan of ten years to develop culturally sensitive flood risk management strategies comprised of optimal structural and non-structural measures and thereby targeting sustainable development. Professor Franz Nestmann (University of Karlsruhe) presented new strategies and techniques of operational flood management. Examples were given from one of the projects of the German research initiative “Risk Management of Extreme Flood Events” (RIMAX) where integrated concepts and tools for operational flood management are developed. Professor Nestmann showed how integration of progress at different levels, i.e. meteorology, hydrology, hydraulics, economy and society will enable new decision support systems for local and regional flood management. Moisés Vicente Benessene (National Institute of Meteorology, Mozambique) presented experiences of an operational flood warning management system in Central Mozambique where promising results were achieved with small funds. Mr. Benessene stressed that people oriented concepts for dissemination of data and warnings, capacity building and flood awareness of local communities were crucial for its success.