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27 March 2006
28 March 2006
29 March 2006

United Nations
International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Federal Foreign Office


Wednesday 29 March 2006

Priorities and Projects Forum
(Plenary Chamber)

Scientific and Technical Symposium

09.00 Overarching Issue: The ultimate question who gets the message and what should they do?
Engaging communities, building awareness and preparedness, and making early warning systems people-centred.
Keynote: Eunice Mucache (Director of Programmes of the Mozambique Red Cross Society)
Overarching Issue: Early Warning for Early Action - Mobilizing the International Community
Keynote: Henri Josserand (Chief, ESCG, Global Information and Early Warning System, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation)

09.30 Session 3, cont.

9.00 Session 3, cont.                        

Plenary Closing Session
12.00 Closing session

During this session, the two streams of the conference will come together, from the Priorities and Projects Forum and from the Scientific and Technical Symposium, to conclude and map out future steps and consider the outcome documents that will have evolved during the 3-day conference, including a final statement on the role of Early Warning in Disaster Reduction.

13.00 Closure of the conference