Preparatory process
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Regional and thematic meetings
Regional and thematic meetings in 2003 and 2004 will review achievements and lessons learnt on disaster risk reduction, identifying areas that need to be addressed as well as propose needs for future action. These meetings are being organized by partner organizations and the ISDR Secretariat has proposed additional discussions on disaster reduction as a contribution to WCDR. The following table lists those meetings contributing to the process.
Compilation of the Outcomes of the Regional and Thematic Meetings for the Preparation of the World Conference on Disaster Reduction (WCDR)
Regional Meetings
17 January First Asian consultation, (Government of Japan, ADRC, Kobe-Hyogo, Japan
5-7 May Pacific Regional consultation (SOPAC), Fiji
10-12 September Safer Sustainable Communities 2003 Australian Disaster Conference (EMA), Canberra
6-8 October Euro-Mediterranean consultations (Council of Europe, Spain), Madrid, Spain
9-11 December Forum Mitch+5 (CEPREDENAC, UNDP, COPECO), Tegucigalpa, Honduras
4-6 February Third Asian consultation (Governments of Cambodia and Japan, ADRC), Cambodia
February 7 International Symposium on “Community Legacy in Disaster Management” gathered more than 200 visitors, including disaster-management experts from 18 countries
24-26 February Third Asian Consultative Meeting of Regional Organizations and Regional Offices of UN Agencies,
(WHO/WPRO, ADPC), Manila, Philippines
11-13 March EUR-OPA (Council of Europe), Rabat, Morocco
29-31 March Third Asian consultation during 4th meeting of Consultative Committee on Regional Cooperation in Disaster Management (ADPC and Government of Bangladesh), Dhaka, Bangladesh
10-13 May Third Southeast Asia Disaster Management Practitioners Forum, (ADPC, UNESCAP, ECHO, IFRC-SE ASIA), Bangkok, Thailand
25-27 May International Conference on Disaster Reduction in Central Asia (Government of China), Beijing, China
2–3 June 2004 African consultation, (UNDP, UNEP, AU/NEPAD), Johannesburg, South Africa
June/July International Seminar on Risk Reductions following the Bam Earthquake, Iran
October Caribbean consultation, (UWI, CDERA)
November Second Meeting of ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Thematic Meetings


16-18 october Regional consultations on Early-Warning
Asia: Bandung, Indonesia, 26-28 May - Africa: Nairobi, Kenya, 23-24 June
Americas: Antigua, Guatemala, 3-5 June - Europe: Potsdam, Germany, 28-29 July
25 August-25 September Online Conference to develop Framework for Disaster Risk reduction, by ISDR/UNDP
8 October International Wildland Fire Summit (GFMC), Sydney, Australia
16-18 October Second International Conference on Early Warning (ISDR, Government of Germany), Bonn, Germany
25-28 November Sixth International Conference on Disaster Management (Civil Defense, Government of Cuba), Havana, Cuba
2-4 December Asian International Conference on Total Disaster Risk Management (OCHA, ADRC, UNDP), Kobe, Japan
2-5 December International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, topic includes Risk Reduction (IFRC), Geneva,
8-10 December First Meeting of ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management –ACDM, (ASEAN), Brunei Darussalam
26-30 January Inter-regional preparatory meeting for SIDS BPoA+10 (UN/DESA) Bahamas
6-7 February Sustainable Community Empowerment for Disaster Management organized (UNCRD), Kobe-Hyogo, Japan
8 February Disaster Reduction Forum 2004 - transfer lessons of catastrophic disasters – (Disaster Reduction Alliance -DRA). Kobe-Hyogo, Japan
19-21 February World Congress on Natural Disaster Mitigation New Delhi, India
1-6 March Thirty-first session WMO/ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones, Colombo, Sri Lanka
22 March World Water Day (WMO and ISDR), Geneva & worldwide
23 March World Meteorological Day
24-26 March Risk Management as a Sustainable Development Factor on Human Scale- Ibero-America Civil Protection (ONEMI, Chile) Santiago, Chile
26-28 March Eighth Annual Meeting of the Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program, (ADPC, USAID), Dhaka, Bangladesh
26-29 March Global Disaster Information Network Conference (GDIN), Washington DC, USA
second quarter of 2004 Ministerial Conference on Earth Observations, Tokyo, Japan
30 March - 2 April Conference on International Cooperation in Fire Management and Emergencies in the Eastern Mediterranean, Balkans, Near East and Central Asia, Antalya, Turkey
14-30 April Commission on Sustainable Development, UN, New York, April + PrepCom SIDS
21-23 April Hospitals and Water Disaster Mitigation (PAHO), Nicaragua
13-24 April Twenty-sixth session RA IV Hurricane Committee (WMO), Miami, USA
3-4 May International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), Geneva
25-27 May International Conference on Disaster Reduction
Beijing, the People’s Republic of China

Beijing Declaration on the 2005 World Conference On Disaster Reduction
Summary of Proceedings
8-18 June 2004 Executive Council WMO
June Third Mekong Annual Flood Forum, (Mekong River Commission), Vientiane, Laos
9-11 June Second Conference on Climate Change and Disaster Preparedness (Red Cross Centre on Climate Change), the Hague, Netherlands
16-25 June Twentieth Sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies (UNFCCC), Bonn, Germany
20-23 June Fourteenth World Conference on Disaster Management (Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness), Toronto, Canada
5-9 July International Conference on Storms, Brisbane, Australia
11-14 July Third International Conference on Continental Earthquakes, Beijing, China
13-17 July 2004 Annual Hazards Research and Applications Workshop, Boulder, Colorado, USA
1-6 August Thirteenth World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (International Association of Earthquake Engineering), Vancouver, Canada
10-12 August Gender Equality and Disaster Risk Reduction Workshop (University of Hawaii Social Science Research Institute, USAID, ISDR), Honolulu Hawaii
15-20 August Thirtieth IGU International Geographical Congress, Glasgow, UK
24 August Public Forum
Recovery from Catastrophic Disasters, Tokyo, Japan
Organized by UNU, Cabinet Office of Japan, UN/ISDR, UNDP, ADRC

Disaster Recovery: Faster, Better, Safer?
Challenge of Bam Earthquake - Role of the UN System in Recovery and Reconstruction
Sustainable Post-Disaster Recovery - Turning Disasters into Opportunities for Development
24-26 August

Partnership in Community Based Disaster Management (CBDM) in Asia, Delhi, India

20-28 August Thirty-second International Geological Congress: Geological hazards-Assessment and Mitigation, Florence, Italy
August South Pacific Forum, Niue
8-11 September International Conference on Education (UNESCO/IBE), Geneva, Switzerland
12-17 September European Seismological Commission General Assembly, Potsdam, Germany
13-17 September World Urban Forum (UN-HABITAT), Barcelona, Spain
20 September Joint Seminar on Systemic Risks and Lessons Learned:
On the Road to the World Conference on Disaster Reduction
Organised by: European Commission Joint Research Centre & Swedish Rescue Services Agency in collaboration with OECD International Futures Programme.
This seminar will precede the OECD Workshop on Lessons Learned from Chemical
Accidents and Incidents on 21-23 September 2004, in the same venue.
Karlskoga, Sweden
First Announcement
fourth quarter of 2004 Ministerial Conference on Earth Observations, European Union
13 October International Day on Disaster Reduction
18-21 October Asian Seismological Commission, Fifth General Assembly, Yerevan, Armenia
17-19 November

Conferencia Interamericana Sobre Reducción del Riesgo de los Desastres
Reflexiones y propuestas para mejorar la efectividad de la gestión
Encuentro y Coloquio del Sistema Nacional para la Prevención
y Atención de Desastres de Colombia
Manizales, Colombia

Formato de inscripción

15-20 November Thirty-seventh session ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee, China
13-14 December International Workshop Water and Disasters, London, Ontario, Canada
29 Nov-10 December COP 10, (UNFCCC), Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Venue and dates TBC Meeting on mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into development and aid policies
Dates TBC International Forum on Earthquake Insurance, (CBS), Beijing
10-14 January 2005 International Conference to review the implementation of the Barbados Programme of Action/SIDS+10 (UN/DESA), Mauritius

Background Consultative Paper
1st version prepared for the BPoA +10 Inter-regional Preparatory Meeting, Nassau, Bahamas, 26 Jan 2004
Prepared by the UN/ISDR Secretariat
Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction and WCDR Preparatory Committee Meetings
4-5 May

Ninth IATF/DR meeting, Geneva
6-7 May First PrepCom session, Geneva
6-8 October Tenth IATF/DR meeting, Geneva
11-12 October Second PrepCom session, Geneva