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 12 October 2005
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Salvano Briceño, director of the UN/ISDR secretariat
“Investing in disaster risk reduction reduces the vulnerability of people to hazards and helps break the vicious cycle of poverty. We need to engage the micro finance community into a dialogue on reducing the impact of natural hazards on populations and livelihoods "

"Micro finance is a successful tool to empower women to help reduce their poverty and therefore, their vulnerability to disasters.”

Media events
Broadcasters and Disaster Reduction Agencies Join Hands
to reduce Disaster Impact

12 October – Geneva/Kuala Lumpur/Hong Kong -- CNN International, the United Nations and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union have launched an effort to build greater public awareness and preparation for natural disasters by increasing media messages to mass audiences in recognition of the International day for Disaster Reduction today.
Invest to prevent disaster
ProVention Consortium / IIASA
Viewpoint for International Day for Disaster Reduction - 12 October 2005
The potential benefits and limitations of micro-insurance as a risk transfer mechanism for developing countries
Major International Symposium on Disaster Prevention - MunichRe
Munich Re, the worldwide leading reinsurance company, set up a foundation in April this year. The foundation has many goals, a major one is to prepare people to better cope with risk and to improve their living conditions. It will organise a major International Symposium on Disaster Prevention to be held in Munich/Hohenkammer on November 16 and 17, 2005.
MRF Symposium
Press release
International Day For Disaster Reduction
Invest to prevent disasters
UN/ISDR 2005/28
Tuesday 11 October 2005
Disaster Reduction Libraries
Indonesia will be the First Country to Receive the Blue Trunk
UN/ISDR 2005/30
Wednesday 12 October 2005
International Day for Disaster Reduction
Invest To Prevent Disasters - Dushanbe
UN/ISDR 2005/31
Wednesday 12 October 2005