Secretariat of the International Strategy
for Disaster Reduction (UN/ISDR)
Priority Areas to Implement Disaster Risk Reduction
“ Building disaster resilient communities and nations”
Helping to Set a New International Agenda
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Topic 1: 11 days
From 15 to 25 June
Objectives and areas for action, stemming from the preliminary conclusions of the review of implementation of disaster risk reduction.
See Progress report on the review of implementation of the Yokohama Strategy and Plan of Action for a Safer World of 1994.
See part I of support document: Overall goals, objectives and priorities for further action to implement disaster risk reduction 2005-2015.
For details about the WCDR and its preparatory process, please click here
For discussion and feedback:
  • Do you agree with the idea of commitment to overall goals? If yes, are the suggested ones appropriate? see support document
  • Do you agree with the proposed priorities for action associated to each objective?. You are invited to provide specific comments on the focus and formulation of these areas. Feedback on the technical and political feasibility, redundancies and omissions is particularly welcome. As much as possible, propose alternative and/or supplementary wording to enhance or complete the proposed list, keeping in mind the need to be concise. In your answers please refer to the numbering used in the draft document.
  • For each objective, please provide information on good practices that can be shared to assist and guide implementation by governments. This relates in particular to the needs of governments engaging in the definition and implementation of targeted actions.
  • Do the preliminary conclusions and recommendations of the Yokohama review reflect your working experience in the field of disaster risk reduction?
  • Please provide additional sources of information and examples that could enhance the review.