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25 April 2015 Nepal earthquake disaster risk reduction situation report: focus on risk and impact SOURCE: PreventionWeb; UNDRR 2015 Occasional papers
Adaptation to climate change: linking disaster risk reduction and insurance SOURCE: UNDRR; MCII 2009 Reports
Addressing loss and damage at the national level: Lessons from Bangladesh SOURCE: UNDRR; King's College 2014 Working papers
Building resilience to disasters in Western Balkans and Turkey (Brochure) SOURCE: UNDRR ROE; WMO 2012 Promotional material
Cybersecurity and its cascading effect on societal systems SOURCE: UNDRR 2019 Working papers
Developing risk assessment to support sovereign risk financing and risk transfer SOURCE: UNDRR 2017 Reports
Developing strategies to strengthen the resilience of hotels to disasters: a scoping study to guide the development of the Hotel Resilient Initiative SOURCE: UNDRR AP; PATA; GIDRM, Germany - gov 2015 Occasional papers
Disaster risk reduction in Africa: Status report (2015) SOURCE: UNDRR 2016 Reports
Disaster risk reduction themes and issues: a schema for the categorization of DRR knowledge and action SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Occasional papers
Evidence, monthly UNISDR newsletter: issue 06, March 2012 SOURCE: UNDRR 2012 Magazines
Evidence, monthly UNISDR newsletter: issue 11, August 2012 SOURCE: UNDRR 2012 Magazines
Evidence, UNISDR newsletter: issue 18, July/August 2013 SOURCE: UNDRR 2013 Magazines
Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction (2009) SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 HFA documents
Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction: summary and recommendations (2009) SOURCE: UNDRR 2009 HFA documents
Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015 mid-term review SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 HFA documents
Living with risk: a global review of disaster reduction initiatives SOURCE: UNDRR 2004 Reports
Loss modeling to drive insurance premiums determination SOURCE: UNDRR 2017 Reports
Mitigating the adverse financial effects of natural hazards on the economies of Central Asia SOURCE: WB; UNDRR SRO CASC; CAREC 2009 Reports
Modeling the indirect and fiscal risks from natural disasters for informing options for enhancing resilience and building back better SOURCE: IIASA; UNDRR 2015 Working papers
Natural disaster management SOURCE: IDNDR 1999 Reports
Natural hazards, unnatural disasters: the economics of effective prevention SOURCE: WB; UN; UNDRR; GFDRR 2010 Reports
Private sector activities in disaster risk reduction: good practices and lessons learned SOURCE: UNDRR PPEW 2008 Reports
Risk returns SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Reports
Risk transfer through microinsurance: Lessons learnt and evidence from Phailin Cyclone affected community SOURCE: UNDRR; AIDMI 2014 Working papers
The business case for disaster risk reduction: Final report SOURCE: UNDRR ONEA-GETI; Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea, Rep of - gov 2015 Conference proceedings
The effects of disasters on modern societies SOURCE: IDNDR; UNCRD 1995 Conference proceedings
Third session of the Global Platform for disaster risk reduction: programme SOURCE: UNDRR 2011 Conference proceedings
Towards disaster-risk sensitive investments: The Disaster Risk-Integrated Operational Risk Model SOURCE: Economist; UNDRR 2016 Reports
UNISDR annual report 2015 SOURCE: UNDRR 2016 Annual reports
Why invest in probabilistic risk assessment? SOURCE: UNDRR 2017 Reports
Words into Action guidelines: National disaster risk assessment SOURCE: UNDRR 2017 Good practices
Words into action: a guide to implementing the Hyogo Framework SOURCE: UNDRR 2007 HFA documents
VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018 VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018.
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