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Sendai Framework voluntary commitments: Synthesis and analysis report SOURCE: UNDRR 2019 Sendai Framework documents
Technical guidance for monitoring and reporting on progress in achieving the global targets of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (New edition) SOURCE: UNDRR 2018 Sendai Framework documents
Data management throughout the national risk assessment process SOURCE: UNDRR 2017 Good practices
Citizens’ participation and crowdsourcing SOURCE: UNDRR 2017 Good practices
Sendai Framework data readiness review 2017 - Global summary report SOURCE: UNDRR 2017 Occasional papers
Simulation using artificial intelligence in training senior crisis staff members and in validating contingency plans SOURCE: UNDRR 2017 Good practices
EFDRR Survey on Sendai Framework Implementation in Europe 2017 SOURCE: UNDRR ROE 2017 Reports
Disaster risk reduction achievements 2016: good practices, tools and initiatives supported by the DIPECHO programme SOURCE: UNDRR AM 2016 Good practices
2015 disasters in numbers SOURCE: CRED; UNDRR 2016 Fact sheets
Effects of governance systems and development situations on progress in achieving sustainable disaster risk management change SOURCE: UNDRR; Disaster Risk Management Centre 2015 Working papers
Global distribution of volcanism: Regional and country profiles SOURCE: IAVCEI; UNDRR; GVM 2015 Working papers
Tsunami methodology and result overview SOURCE: GA, Australia - gov; UNDRR; Australia - gov; NGI 2015 Working papers
Improvement of the global food model for the GAR 2015 SOURCE: UNDRR; GRID-Arendal; CIMA 2015 Working papers
Indicators for measuring the integration of disaster risk reduction in UN programming SOURCE: UNDRR 2015 Workplan
Briefing note on the 21st Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP21) in Paris SOURCE: UNDRR 2015 Occasional papers
UNISDR working papers on public investment planning and financing strategy for disaster risk reduction: review of Peru (interim report) SOURCE: UNDRR; Peru - gov 2015 Working papers
Science is used for disaster risk reduction: UNISDR Science and Technical Advisory Group report 2015 SOURCE: UNDRR; STAG 2015 Reports
UNISDR annual report 2014 SOURCE: UNDRR 2015 Annual reports
DRR communication guidelines for the Caribbean SOURCE: UNDRR AM 2014 Good practices
GEO’s global coordination of observing and information systems to support all phases of the risk management cycle associated with hazards SOURCE: ESA; NASA, United States of America - gov; UNDRR; GEO; Natural Res Canada, Government of Canada; GHCP 2014 Working papers
Establishing a web-based platfrom to share technology and information for disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNDRR; University of Dongguk; UNDRR ONEA-GETI 2014 Working papers
Knowledge factors and associated challenges for successful disaster knowledge sharing SOURCE: UNDRR; CDR 2014 Working papers
Perspectives of a global, dynamic exposure model for geo-risk assessment from remote sensing to crowd-sourcing SOURCE: UNDRR; GFZ 2014 Working papers
Using innovative university didactics for flood risk reduction and transfer of risk knowledge SOURCE: UNDRR; Uni Bonn; CCS 2014 Working papers
Enabling knowledge for disaster risk reduction in integration to climate change adaptation: 2015 GAR input paper SOURCE: UNDRR; KNOW.4.DRR 2014 Working papers
GAR15 regional vulnerability functions SOURCE: UNDRR; Australia - gov 2014 Working papers
Volcanic ash fall hazard and risk SOURCE: IAVCEI; UNDRR; GVM 2014 Working papers
Ability of awareness campaigns to effect change in disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNDRR; Disaster Risk Management Centre 2014 Working papers
Understanding risk: The evolution of disaster risk assessment since 2005 SOURCE: UNDRR; GFDRR 2014 Working papers
Academic network for disaster resilience to optimise educational development SOURCE: UNDRR; CDR; Univ of Huddersfield; GDRC 2014 Working papers
HFA thematic review: Research area 2 - Priority for Action 3 - Core indicator 1 SOURCE: UNDRR 2014 Working papers
Emulating volcanic ash fall for multi-scale analysis SOURCE: UNDRR; Australia - gov 2014 Working papers
A global exposure model for GAR 2015 SOURCE: UNDRR; UNEP/DEWA/GRID 2014 Working papers
Lineamientos para comunicar información sobre la reducción del riesgo de desastres SOURCE: UNDRR AM; ECHO 2014 Good practices
UNISDR scientific and technical advisory group (STAG) platform and network survey SOURCE: UNDRR; GRF Davos; STAG 2014 Occasional papers
A catalyst for change: how the Hyogo Framework for Action has promoted disaster risk reduction in South East Europe SOURCE: WB; GFDRR; UNDRR ROE 2014 HFA documents
UNISDR Europe annual report 2013 SOURCE: UNDRR ROE 2014 Annual reports
UNISDR annual report 2013 SOURCE: UNDRR 2014 Annual reports
Historical collection of disaster loss data in Albania SOURCE: CIMA; UNDRR 2014 Reports
Developing indicators for measuring progress of disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNDRR 2013 Working papers
The Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2018, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 3-6 July 2018 The Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2018, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 3-6 July 2018.
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