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Words into Action guidelines: On the frontline of disaster risk reduction and resilience: Children and youth engagement guide for implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 SOURCE: UNDRR 2019 Good practices
Campaign of sustainable and resilient universities for the incorporation of reduction risk of disasters on superior education on America and the Caribbean SOURCE: UNDRR 2019 Working papers
Beyond fragility: Advancing skilled human capital for disaster risk reduction and resilience in Africa SOURCE: UNDRR 2019 Working papers
Get up to high ground SOURCE: UNDRR; COPE 2018 Education materials
Comprehensive school safety SOURCE: GADRRRES; UNDRR 2017 Reports
High School Students Summit on World Tsunami Awareness Day 2016 - Progress report on action plans from participated schools SOURCE: UNDRR Office Japan 2017 Occasional papers
Comprehensive school safety SOURCE: GADRRRES; UNDRR 2017 Reports
Implementing the Sendai Framework to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals SOURCE: UNDRR 2016 Occasional papers
Adapting English Schools Sites to Reduce Predicted Overheating Impacts Resulting from Climate Change SOURCE: AECOM; UNDRR 2016 Reports
From a reactive to proactive then people centered approach to Disaster Risk Reduction SOURCE: UNDRR 2015 Reports
Chart of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 SOURCE: UNDRR 2015 Sendai Framework documents
The business case for disaster risk reduction: Final report SOURCE: UNDRR ONEA-GETI; Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea, Rep of - gov 2015 Conference proceedings
Higher education curricula aimed at training disaster risk managers of the future SOURCE: UNIGE; UNDRR; UFS; UNU-EHS; Politecnico di Milano; BBK, Germany - gov 2014 Working papers
Loss and damage in a changing climate: Games for learning and dialogue that link the Hyogo Framework for Action and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change SOURCE: WB; IFRC; Harvard University; UNDRR; Univ of Oxford 2014 Working papers
Using innovative university didactics for flood risk reduction and transfer of risk knowledge SOURCE: UNDRR; Uni Bonn; CCS 2014 Working papers
Online Riskland® game in Spanish for school children SOURCE: UNDRR; WAP 2014 Working papers
A review of progress in the integration of disaster risk reduction into Australian school curricula programs and materials SOURCE: UNDRR; Molino Stewart 2014 Working papers
The importance of schools in disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNDRR; Câmara Municipal da Amadora, Portugal - gov; e-GEO Research Centre for Geography and Regional Planning 2014 Working papers
Academic network for disaster resilience to optimise educational development SOURCE: UNDRR; CDR; Univ of Huddersfield; GDRC 2014 Working papers
Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools: for every new school to be safe from disaster SOURCE: UNDRR; GADRRRES 2014 Fact sheets
Priorities in resilience for children, adolescents and youth in Latin American and the Caribbean SOURCE: UNDRR AM; Plan Intl; WVI; SCI; UNICEF TACRO; RET 2014 Reports
Non-systematic inclusion of DRR concepts and practices in the compulsory education network, prior to formal inclusion into school curricula SOURCE: UNDRR; Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts 2013 Working papers
2012 Assessing school safety from disasters a global baseline report SOURCE: UNDRR 2013 Reports
Post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (HFA2): report from 2013 global platform consultations SOURCE: UNDRR 2013 Reports
Towards the resilient future children want: a review of progress in achieving the Children’s Charter for Disaster Risk Reduction SOURCE: Plan Intl; UNDRR; UNICEF; WVI; SCI 2013 Reports
Aqaba declaration on disaster risk reduction in cities SOURCE: SDC , Switzerland - gov; UNDRR ROAS; Jordan - gov; LAS; UNDP Jordan; ASEZA, Jordan - gov 2013 Conference proceedings
Making Lebanon resilient: achieving disaster risk reduction in the Arab States - Good practice country brief SOURCE: UNDRR ROAS; Lebanon - gov; UNDP Lebanon 2012 Reports
3rd annual meeting of the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction: summary SOURCE: EFDRR 2012 Conference proceedings
Yogyakarta declaration on disaster risk reduction in Asia and the Pacific 2012 SOURCE: UNDRR AP; BNPB, Indonesia - gov 2012 Conference proceedings
Communiqué Santiago de Chile: Investing in resilience, accelerating the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action in the Americas SOURCE: UNDRR AM; OAS; Chile - gov 2012 Conference proceedings
Dipecho América del Sur 2011-2012: boletín informativo, tercera edición, agosto del 2012 SOURCE: ECHO; UNDRR AM 2012 Magazines
City resilience in Africa: a ten essentials pilot SOURCE: UNDRR 2012 Reports
Evidence, monthly UNISDR newsletter: issue 11, August 2012 SOURCE: UNDRR 2012 Magazines
Annual report 2011: UNISDR secretariat work programme 2010-2011 SOURCE: UNDRR 2012 Annual reports
How to make cities more resilient: a handbook for local government leaders SOURCE: UNDRR 2012 Reports
Safari's encounter with coastal and marine hazards SOURCE: UNDRR AF; ICPAC, IGAD 2012 Education materials
Disaster reduction in Africa: ISDR Informs, special issue on drought risk reduction, 2012 SOURCE: UNDRR AF 2012 Magazines
Recovery status report: Southern Leyte Landslide SOURCE: IRP; CDP 2012 Reports
Children and disasters: building resilience through education SOURCE: UNDRR ROE; UNICEF 2011 Reports
I'm prepared for emergencies: friends power series 1 SOURCE: WHO - EMRO; UNDRR ROAS 2011 Education materials
VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018 VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018.
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