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Disaster Risk Reduction Private Sector Partnership: post 2015 framework-private sector blueprint five private sector visions for a resilient future SOURCE: UNDRR; DRR-PSP 2015 HFA documents
Disaster risk reduction in sustainable development documents SOURCE: UNDRR 2015 Occasional papers
Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction 2015 SOURCE: UNDRR 2015 HFA documents
Implementing the Hyogo Framework for Action in the Arab Region - Regional Synthesis Report 2005–2015 SOURCE: UNDRR ROAS 2015 HFA documents
UNISDR annual report 2014 SOURCE: UNDRR 2015 Annual reports
América del Sur: enfoque para la gestión del riesgo de desastres SOURCE: UNDRR AM; ECHO 2015 Reports
The business case for disaster risk reduction: Final report SOURCE: UNDRR ONEA-GETI; Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea, Rep of - gov 2015 Conference proceedings
Disaster risk reduction and public investment decisions: The Peruvian case SOURCE: UNDRR AM; GIZ, Germany - gov; FLACSO 2014 Reports
DRR communication guidelines for the Caribbean SOURCE: UNDRR AM 2014 Good practices
When to cancel a tsunami warning SOURCE: UNDRR; Tohoku Univ 2014 Working papers
Addressing inter-sectoral linkages and interdependencies SOURCE: UNDRR; ResOrgs 2014 Working papers
Priority setting for the disaster risk reduction on the small stream watershed regions to adapt climate change SOURCE: UNDRR; NDMI, Korea, Rep of - gov 2014 Working papers
Breakwater - wave energy converter: Coastal defense and cheap evergreen energy production SOURCE: UNDRR 2014 Working papers
Building disaster resilience for sustainable human development: Lessons learnt from community based resilience analysis in the Horn of Africa SOURCE: UNDRR; UNDP DDC 2014 Working papers
GEO’s global coordination of observing and information systems to support all phases of the risk management cycle associated with hazards SOURCE: ESA; NASA, United States of America - gov; UNDRR; GEO; Natural Res Canada, Government of Canada; GHCP 2014 Working papers
Compound disasters and compounding processes: Implications for disaster risk management SOURCE: UNDRR; GRIPS; ADBI 2014 Working papers
Establishing a web-based platfrom to share technology and information for disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNDRR; University of Dongguk; UNDRR ONEA-GETI 2014 Working papers
Higher education curricula aimed at training disaster risk managers of the future SOURCE: UNIGE; UNDRR; UFS; UNU-EHS; Politecnico di Milano; BBK, Germany - gov 2014 Working papers
Risk transfer through microinsurance: Lessons learnt and evidence from Phailin Cyclone affected community SOURCE: UNDRR; AIDMI 2014 Working papers
Challenge of mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in development initiatives with special reference to Bangladesh SOURCE: UNDRR 2014 Working papers
Flood vulnerability and deforestation: A case study of North Korea SOURCE: UNDRR; KEI 2014 Working papers
Perspectives of a global, dynamic exposure model for geo-risk assessment from remote sensing to crowd-sourcing SOURCE: UNDRR; GFZ 2014 Working papers
Knowledge factors and associated challenges for successful disaster knowledge sharing SOURCE: UNDRR; CDR 2014 Working papers
Coastal resources, ecosystem services and disaster risk reduction: An analysis of social and environmental vulnerability along the coast of India SOURCE: UNDRR; TISS 2014 Working papers
How regulations are helping the United Kingdom be more resilient SOURCE: UNDRR 2014 Working papers
Loss and damage in a changing climate: Games for learning and dialogue that link the Hyogo Framework for Action and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change SOURCE: WB; IFRC; Harvard University; UNDRR; Univ of Oxford 2014 Working papers
The interconnected and cross-border nature of risks posed by infectious diseases SOURCE: UNDRR; ECDC 2014 Working papers
Mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in agriculture: An assessment of progress made against the Hyogo Framework for Action SOURCE: FAO; UNDRR 2014 Working papers
Policy search for restoration of paddy ecosystems in the Nilwala downstream area affected due to Nilwala flood protection scheme (Sri Lanka) SOURCE: ADPC; UNDRR; Colombo Univ 2014 Working papers
Investment in the construction sector to reduce disaster risk management SOURCE: UNDRR; ResOrgs 2014 Working papers
The improvements achieved by civil protection and emergency situations service (SPESS) of Republic of Moldova SOURCE: UNDRR 2014 Working papers
Loss and damage, vulnerability and constraints to adaptation: Case study findings SOURCE: Germanwatch; UNDRR; UNU-EHS 2014 Working papers
Using innovative university didactics for flood risk reduction and transfer of risk knowledge SOURCE: UNDRR; Uni Bonn; CCS 2014 Working papers
Institutionalising climate smart disaster risk management approach SOURCE: UNDRR; AIDMI 2014 Working papers
Climate change related disaster risk reduction scheme in developing countries SOURCE: UNDRR 2014 Working papers
Addressing loss and damage at the national level: Lessons from Bangladesh SOURCE: UNDRR; King's College 2014 Working papers
Enabling knowledge for disaster risk reduction in integration to climate change adaptation: 2015 GAR input paper SOURCE: UNDRR; KNOW.4.DRR 2014 Working papers
Risk governance: An overview of drivers and success factors SOURCE: UNDRR; IRGC 2014 Working papers
Costa Rica emergency fund for animals in disasters SOURCE: UNDRR; WAP 2014 Working papers
Public health and primary health care, re-developing and preparation of the training for coming mega-disaster in Japan after Great East Japan Earth Quake (GEJEQ) 2011 SOURCE: UNDRR 2014 Working papers
VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018 VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018.
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