UNISDR Publications

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Report of the open-ended intergovernmental expert working group on indicators and terminology relating to disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNISDR; UNGA 2016
UNISDR 2016 Annual results-based monitoring report SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Achievements and trends in disaster reduction on the African continent: summary of the IDNDR national committee assessments SOURCE: IDNDR 1999
Guidance notes on recovery: health - Supplementary edition SOURCE: IRP 2017
Guidance Notes on Recovery: Private Sector SOURCE: IRP 2016
Health aspect in disaster risk assessment SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Improvement of the global food model for the GAR 2015 SOURCE: UNISDR; GRID-Arendal; CIMA 2015
Supporting DRR investment decision making SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
The urban domino effect: a conceptualization of cities' interconnectedness of risk SOURCE: UNISDR; Lund University 2014
Tsunami hazard and risk assessment SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Towards disaster-risk sensitive investments: The Disaster Risk-Integrated Operational Risk Model SOURCE: Economist; UNISDR 2016
Understanding urban transformations and changing local patterns of risk: lessons from the Mekong Region SOURCE: UNISDR; ISET 2016
Coastal erosion hazard and risk assessment SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Guidelines and recommendations for the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in the agriculture and food security and nutrition sector – Latin America and the Caribbean SOURCE: FAO; UNISDR AM 2017
Sea-level rise SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Cross-sectoral and multi-risk approach to cascading disasters SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Real time telemetric monitoring/early warning system of large dams SOURCE: UNISDR; COE 2013
Study on disaster risk reduction, decentralization and political economy SOURCE: UNDP; UNISDR; OPM 2011
Use of geospatial data in implementing NDRA SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Synthesis of the status and trends with the development of early warning systems SOURCE: WMO; UNISDR 2015
Cross-border risk assessment SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Resilient responses from communities and companies after the 2010 Maule earthquake in Chile SOURCE: UNISDR 2016
Biological hazards and risk assessment SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Local government powers for disaster risk reduction: A study on local-level authority and capacity for resilience SOURCE: UNISDR; CUDRR+R 2017
Comprehensive School Safety SOURCE: GADRRRES; UNISDR 2017
Application of Science and Technology for Community Water-Related Disaster Risk Reduction SOURCE: HAII; UNISDR AP 2016
Public health and primary health care, re-developing and preparation of the training for coming mega-disaster in Japan after Great East Japan Earth Quake (GEJEQ) 2011 SOURCE: UNISDR 2014
Country document for disaster risk reduction: Antigua and Barbuda, 2016 SOURCE: NODS, Antigua and Barbuda - gov; UNISDR AM 2017
Reducing displacement risk in the Greater Horn of Africa: A baseline for future work SOURCE: IDMC; UNISDR AF 2017
National Summary Reports: Latin America and the Caribbean: IDNDR Hemispheric Meeting, San José, Costa Rica, 30th of May to 5th of June 1999: Towards natural disaster reduction in the Americas ... for the 21st century SOURCE: IDNDR 1999
The GAR atlas: Unveiling global disaster risk SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Data management throughout the national risk assessment process SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Developing risk assessment to support sovereign risk financing and risk transfer SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Retrospective assessment of progress in disaster risk governance against the HFA SOURCE: UNISDR; BCPR-UNDP 2014
Landslide hazard and risk assessment SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Global platform for disaster risk reduction - Chair's summary: From commitment to action SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
Impacto de los desastres en América Latina y el Caribe 1990-2013 SOURCE: UNISDR AM; AECID, Spain - gov; Corporación OSSO 2016
Ability of awareness campaigns to effect change in disaster risk reduction SOURCE: UNISDR; Disaster Risk Management Centre 2014
Disasters and the disabled SOURCE: DHA 1982
UNISDR Statement of financial position - 31 December 2016 SOURCE: UNISDR 2017
The Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2018, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 3-6 July 2018 The Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2018, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 3-6 July 2018.
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