Words into Action guidelines: Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response (Consultative version)

This Words into Action Guideline aims to support the practical implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction Priority 4 component on enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response. It targets emergency managers, relevant government officials and other actors working to strengthen risk-aware disaster preparedness within and across sectors and at all administrative levels in a country.

This guideline, envisaged as an introductory ‘capstone’, highlights the key principles and required actions outlined in the Sendai Framework to enhance disaster preparedness for effective response, points to existing resources that provide more detailed explanations and guidance, and illustrates implementation with examples. It consists of three main sections: Principles, Guidelines, and Practices.

The Concise guide on design and conduct of simulation exercises is a companion piece for emergency managers, relevant government officials and many other actors responsible for disaster preparedness planning and drills.

Consultative version

The Working Group hopes that this introductory capstone on Enhancing Disaster Preparedness for Effective Response is helpful as a companion for implementing risk-informed preparedness for effective response, Sendai Framework Priority 4. It is an evolving and living document. Several topics of concise guides (see Annex 5) on “Disaster Preparedness for Effective Response” are under development. After reviewing existing guidelines presented in this guide and learning about good practices, it is recommended that you also use those thematic concise guides relevant to your needs and context for more detailed guidance.

The Working Group invites you to join the community, share your comments and your case studies in the Community of Practice space.

For more information, contact UNISDR Facilitator, Sarah Wade-Apicella, wade-apicella[at]un[dot]org.

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