Findings of the review of national platforms for disaster risk reduction 2012‐2013

This review of National Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction 2012-2013 is the culmination of a collaborative and voluntary self-review process undertaken by 50 counties. It is a response to a recommendation of the Mid-Term Review of the Hyogo Framework of Action 2010-11 to undertake a comprehensive discussion on the role and function of National Platforms up to 2015 and beyond, and provide new guidance on effective national consultative and decision-making mechanisms for disaster reduction at the national level.

In summary, the Review’s main findings are to: (i) Increase the number of National Platforms (or equivalent) in each region; (ii) Recognise the unique and added value of stakeholders and partners in National Platforms. Strengthen multi-stakeholder and cross-sectoral nature of National Platforms; (iii) Restructure and resource National Platforms around a coherent disaster risk reduction strategy at country level; (iv) Provide a legislative basis and clear Terms of Reference (TORs) for National Platforms in relation to the Cabinet or other high level political institutions; (v) Encourage National Platforms to: (a) Take a more proactive leadership and advocacy role in coordinating disaster risk reduction; (b) Work at the national level; (c) Foster exchange of experiences and expertise among National Platforms, for example through twinning arrangements, peer-reviews and the constitution of regional networks of National Platforms; (d) Enhance collaboration with the private sector and local communities; (e) Systematically engage with other sectors in the deliberations of National Platforms; (f) Facilitate the application of science and evidenced based decision-making in disaster risk reduction.

The Review is an on-going process that aims at supporting and fostering disaster risk reduction implementation at the national level.

Sanahuja, Haris
45 p.

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Governance, Disaster Risk Management
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