Disaster reduction in Africa: ISDR Informs, special issue on drought risk reduction, 2012

This special issue looks at drought risk reduction through the lens of the Hyogo Framework of Action (HFA), the global framework for disaster risk reduction. It features the excellent work being done throughout the African region and underscores the necessary holistic approach to achieve better resilience to drought in the future. This issue has been made possible by the financial contribution of ECHO.

This issue includes:

Institutionalization of drought risk reduction, legislation, policy and planning
- Disaster risk reduction: looking into the future disaster resilience East Africa
- Overview of drought risk reduction in the IGAD Region
- Towards the implementation of the Uganda National Disaster Preparedness & Management Policy
- An innovative approach to drought management in Kenya: the establishment of the National
- Drought Management Authority and National Drought and Disaster Contingency Fund

Drought early warning, drought risk and vulnerability mapping including data Collection
- Managing the risk, not the crisis: Lessons from the Horn of Africa
- Disaster risk profiling in Ethiopia: Stepping stone to DRR
- Bridging the gap, climate forecasts and DRR: Case of Ethiopia
- Drought Early Warning System in Karamoja

Building capacity for drought risk reduction
- Pastoralist field schools: drought risk reduction in practice
- Disaster loss databases as a tool for drought risk reduction planning
- Application of climate information, GIS and remote sensing for drought risk reduction
- The multi-stakeholder approach: drought risk reduction in South Africa

Improving access to Services in drought prone areas
- South-south adaptation knowledge sharing: Senegal eco-villages and Kenya eco-communities
- Kenya edges closer to mainstreaming DRR in schools
- Health and climate change disaster risk reduction: an NGO partnership approach to building
- Community disaster resilience building in Africa
- Connecting with change: a risk management approach to the drought crises

Drought preparedness, contingency planning, contingency funding, early action measures
- Karamoja Productive Assets Programme (KPAP)
- Comprehensive Drought Risk Management in Ethiopia: The Livelihoods, Early Assessment and Protection Project (LEAP)

Coordination and partnership for drought risk reduction
- Drought risk reduction special topic: The importance of a coordinated approach
- 'Ending Drought Emergencies': will the promises of the Nairobi Strategy be met?
- How functional coordination mechanisms can accelerate drought risk reduction
67 p.


Civil Society/NGOs, Community-based DRR, Early Warning, Education & School Safety, Health & Health Facilities, Risk Identification & Assessment, Governance, GIS & Mapping, Economics of DRR, Vulnerable Populations, Food Security & Agriculture
Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda
VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018 VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018.
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