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The UNISDR Library is an information centre for disaster risk reduction with over 10,000 publications, multimedia products and education resources.

Most of the libraries materials can be found below.

The UNISDR Library Collection reflects the activities of major stakeholders involved in disaster risk reduction for natural, environmental and technological hazards. It collects books, reports, educational materials, periodicals, proceedings of major conferences and workshops, and electronic resources to support the programmes and activities of UNISDR and its regional offices, governments, NGOs, and the international academic, technical and scientific community.

UNDRR Library Collection
Publications added in the last seven days
Cybersecurity and its cascading effect on societal systems SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Critical infrastructure interdependency analysis: Operationalising resilience strategies SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Developing a contingency plan - Drought SOURCE: GIZ, Germany - gov; Ghana - gov; MCII 2019
Central America & Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Program SOURCE: WB 2019
GEOGLAM crop monitor for early warning bulletin: July 2019 SOURCE: GEOGLAM 2019
Building a better response towards natural disasters’ resilience: A social protection policy approach SOURCE: PPI DUNIA 2019
Increased frequency of and population exposure to extreme heat index days in the United States during the 21st century SOURCE: IOP Science 2019
Driving finance today for the climate resilient society of tomorrow SOURCE: UNEP FI; CFA 2019
Home health care in the dark: Why climate, wildfires and other risks call for new resilient energy storage solutions to protect medically vulnerable households from power outages SOURCE: CEG 2019
Quaking in their boots? Inaccurate perceptions of seismic hazard and public policy inaction SOURCE: Cambridge Univ Press 2019
Re-emergence of Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Synergizing the preparedness and response measures with the Sustainable Development Goals SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Challenges and opportunities around reproductive health during a flood: Insight from Belkuchi Upazila, Bangladesh SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Disaster risk management: Toward a spatiotemporal strategy SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Killer heat in the United States: Climate choices and the future of dangerously hot days SOURCE: UCS 2019
Twitter and disasters: A social resilience fingerprint SOURCE: IEEE 2019
Global trends in climate change litigation: 2019 snapshot SOURCE: Grantham Res Inst on Climate Change and the Environ; Columbia Law School; CCCEP 2019
Heatwave guide for cities SOURCE: IFRC 2019
Eight years after Fukushima nuclear accident - Community recovery and reconstruction from nuclear and radiological disasters – a case of Kawauchi village and Tomioka town in Fukushima SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
The province of Potenza #weResilient multiscale and multilevel holistic approach in downscaling local resilience and sustainable development: the case of the province of Potenza and its municipalities of Potenza and Pignola SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Disasters, deaths and the Sendai Framework’s target one: a case of systems failure in Hiroshima landslide 2014, Japan SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Experiences of challenge-led research in earthquake-prone and volcanic regions SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Global Platform for disaster risk reduction 2019: Proceedings SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
The progress of local governments in making cities resilient: State of play SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
The importance of robust baseline data on past flood events for regional risk assessment: a study case from the Indian Himalayas SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
The state of disaster resilience of small businesses: 'Natural hazard' or 'disaster' SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Mainstreaming DRM into sub-national and local development policies in Southeast Mexico SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
Development of DRR action plans for local government in Indonesia SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
UNESCO designated sites – natural and cultural heritage sites as platforms for awareness raising SOURCE: UNDRR 2019
VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018 VI Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Americas, Cartagena, Colombia 20-22 June 2018.
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