Science Summit on seamless research for weather, climate, water and environment

Meeting or Conference
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
20-22 Oct 2017
Indonesia (Denpansar)
Patra Bali Hotel

The Science Summit, organized by the Commission for Atmospheric Sciences, will take place in Bali, Indonesia from 20 to 22 October 2017. The Summit will provide an opportunity to shape the WMO research agenda, building on the closer collaboration between weather, climate, water and environment research. An additional focus of the Summit is to close the gap between research and the derived societal benefits.

The world we are living in is changing. Fundamental changes in the environment, an ever-growing global population, and rapid changes in technologies create new challenges and opportunities.

High-impact weather, climate, water and environment events undermine the resilience of people and the infrastructures they are relying on. A coordinated research effort and new investments are required to build science for services through seamless prediction systems, benefiting from future infrastructures while nurturing scientific talents.

A clear benefit to countries and all citizens emerges through the WMO research activities on facilitating the exchange of scientific and technical knowledge, to make the latest research advances more accessible and usable, especially for developing countries.

The Science Summit is structured into five thematic sessions:

  • Science for services: Developing and implementing a new interactive model for integrating research and operations.

  • Seamless prediction in 2023: Improving predictive capacity across weather, climate, water and environment.

  • Future infrastructures: Planning and investing in future infrastructures (computing, data-handling, observations).

  • Nurturing scientific talents: Guaranteeing the sustainable development of science; breaking through geographical, gender and age barriers; ensuring institutional continuity and transfer of knowledge.

  • Innovation and resources: Catalysing innovation and mobilizing resources in weather, climate, water and environment science globally and locally.

The objectives of the conference are:

  • To provide an opportunity for a forward-looking debate on some of the solutions related to the primary scientific and research challenges that WMO Members are facing

  • To foster a common understanding within the operational community and other international research initiatives on a new model of co-design to optimize research and development as well as operations interplay in the interest of users

  • To build a strong unified vision on those research topics central to dramatic advances in predictive skill across time scales for weather, climate, water and related environmental issues

  • To give clear recommendations to WMO Members through the executive Council and Congress on research and development priorities, how these will benefit the world and how best these should be resourced

During each session, keynote talks and round-table discussions will challenge our thinking. While in break out sessions the participants will derive concrete outcomes, identify roadblocks, and define priorities. Poster sessions will enable scientific exchange among the participants.

Speakers and panel members (include):

Michel Jean (Director General for Environment and Climate Change Canada), Amanda Lynch (Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, US), Wilco Hazeleger (Director of the Netherlands eScience Center), Florence Rabier (Director General, ECMWF), Guy Brasseur (Chair, WCRP), Jiang Zhu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Celeste Saulo (Director, Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, Argentina), Nam Jae Cheol (Vice Administrator, Korea Meteorological Administration). Other speakers should be leading scientists from all relevant disciplines, stakeholders, representatives of funding agencies, and private sector. We also welcome early career scientists.

Organizing committee:

Oystein Hov (President of Commission for Atmospheric Sciences), Sarah Jones (Head Research and Development, DWD, Germany), Greg Carmichael (Professor, University of Iowa, US), Deon Terblanche (WMO), Oksana Tarasova (WMO), Paolo M. Ruti (WMO). 

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