Child Centered Disaster Risk Reduction Training

Training Course
Versed Professional Services Limited (VPSL)
04-08 Dec 2017
Kenya (Nairobi)
Appleton Resort, Westlands, Nairobi Kenya


Child centered disaster risk reduction (CCDRR) is a process to strengthen community’s resilience. Children become activists and mobilize community through influencing individuals, peer groups, and other stakeholders towards the achievement of resilience in communities in times of disaster. CCDDR complements to national action plans for children through empowering children and community as whole towards disaster risk reduction.

The training is aimed at ensuring children are put at the center of the CBDRM process which thus ensures their active participation in disaster risk reduction by allowing them to start the risk identification process while simultaneously validating their findings with adults.

Training objectives

By the end of the training, participants will familiarize themselves with among other concepts:

  • Child Centered Community Development (CCCD)

  • The relationship between Development and Disasters

  • An understanding of CBDRR and its alignment with CCCD

  • An understanding of the work process of CCDRR

  • Community organization

  • Institutional strengthening and alliance building on DRR

Training content

Module 1: Introduction of Child Centered Community Development (CCCD)

  • CCCD framework

  • Work process of CCCD

Module 2: Development and Disaster

  • Development at Risk

  • Disasters relationship to development

  • Vicious spiral of Disaster Risk and development failure

  • Mainstream model of disaster risk reduction and development

  • Disaster management terminologies

  • Impact of disasters on children

  • Children’s contribution throughout disaster life cycle

Module 3: Understanding CBDRR and its alignment with CCCD

  • Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR)

  • CBDRR approach

  • Process of CBDRR

  • Development of CCDRR model

  • Difference between CBDRR and CCDRR

Module 4: Work process of CCDRR

  • Introduction

  • Preparation

  • Immersion

  • Capacity building training for child activists and potential adult

  • Community risk assessment
    • Step 1: Get to know the surroundings of your house, neighborhood, and community

    • Step 2: Social Mapping-

    • Step 3: Hazard Calendar

    • Step 4: Vulnerability identification         

    • Step 5: Capacities and resources identification

    • Step 6: Risk Assessment

    • Step 7: Issues prioritization and cluster

  • Planning
    • Step 1: Root cause analysis and Risk Reduction options

    • Step 2: Stakeholder mapping

    • Step 3: Validation with community members and stakeholders

  • Resource Mobilization

  • Implementation

  • Participatory Monitoring

  • Evaluation

  • Reflection

Module 5: Community Organization

  • Phases of community organization

Module 6: Institutional strengthening and alliance building on DRR

  • Mainstream service institutions

  • Community - Institutional Relationship

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Capacity Development, Disaster Risk Management, Children and Youth
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