Pan-European Symposium on Water and Sanitation Safety Planning and Extreme Weather Events

Meeting or Conference
International Water Association (IWA); International Water Conferences (IWC)
06-07 Apr 2017
Netherlands (Amsterdam)

The Pan-European Symposium on Water and Sanitation Safety Planning and Extreme Weather Events will be held in Amsterdam, 6-7 April 2017. Cross-cutting topics will be addressed by climate, health and water researchers and practitioners. Presentations and panel discussions will be organized with water and sanitation professionals and regulators with experience in addressing extreme weather events, and with a special focus on speakers and cases from the pan-European region (EU & EECCA region). This event presents an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences from within the region and to advance the topic of resilient planning for water supply and sanitation services.

The symposium aims to provide a platform for regulators, utility operators and reseachers to exchange concepts and experiences with regard to climate-change induced effects on water supply and sanitation systems. Abstracts on the following topic are especially welcomed:

  • Regulatory requirements for effective preparedness planning in relation to extreme weather events;

  • What do operators need from their governments in order to provide safe and efficient (extreme event resilient) water and sanitation services?

  • Climate resilient water safety planning in the pan-European region;

  • Sanitation safety planning in the pan-European region;

  • Effects of heavy precipitation and flooding on water supply (source-to-tap) and sanitation systems (waste water sewerage, waste water treatment plants) and adaptation strategies;

  • Effects of droughts on water quality and availability, especially for drinking water purposes, and adaptation strategies;

  • Spatial planning and sustainable ’green’ infrastructure for resilient water and sanitation services and urban water system resilience;

  • Holistic risk assessment/ risk management approaches and tools; interactions of drinking water supply and sanitation sector with other sectors as part of the adaptation strategies (eg agriculture, industry, energy);

  • Climate change and health, water-related emerging infectious diseases;

  • Integrated asset management for water and sanitation services and extreme weather events;

  • Leapfrogging technologies for resilient water and sanitation services in transitioning countries;

  • Investment and financing for climate resilient water and sanitation services;

  • Cost versus benefits of adaptive planning to deal with droughts and floods.

Deadline to submit your abstract

15 December 2016

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Urban Risk & Planning, Water, Critical Infrastructure
Drought, Flood
Netherlands, the
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