Uganda: National conference on disaster risk reduction (DRR)

Meeting or Conference
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Africa (UNISDR AF); Office of the Prime Minister (Uganda), Department of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Management) (OPM); Uganda Red Cross Society; United Nations Development Programme - Uganda (UNDP Uganda)
17 Oct 2013

The conference will be held as part of the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) celebrations in Uganda, and will be the key highlight of the theme for the celebration. It is organized by the Department of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Management, Office of the Prime Minister in conjunction with all the Agencies represented in the National Platform on DRR, International NGOs, and development partners.

The national conference will feature the presentation of four Technical/Academic papers on three sub-themes:

  • Sub-Theme 1: From Disasters to Resilience: Protecting Household Livelihoods and Food Security. This sub-theme is especially relevant in the current context of Karamoja

  • Sub-Theme 2: Building Safe and Resilience Cities: Disaster and Climate Proofing of Urban Plans and Buildings: This sub-theme is relevant in the context of recent quakes and event (of collapsing buildings). This is critical with respect to urban risk management and the need for averting potential disaster arising from shoddy construction, bad planning, etc. that always lead to many urban ills.

  • Sub-Theme 3: Counting the Cost: The business case for investing in DRM and CCA in Uganda: This sub-theme looks into the financial viability of DRM/CCA. Uganda has managed to put emergencies in the backburner but there is need to enhance investments in this area.

  • Sub-Theme 4: Coping with Disaster: People with Disabilities and DRM:This sub-theme is consistent with the international theme emphasizing the concerns of PWDs.

The papers will be competitively selected from a number of Technical/Academic papers submitted.

The State Minister for Disaster Preparedness, Relief and Refugees and the UN Resident Coordinator are expected to officially open/grace the occasion with representatives from a wide range of DRM stakeholders in attendance. Further, the conference will integrate discussion on issues early warning/ early action and integration traditional and conventional early warning systems.

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Event fee

The event is free to participants

Target audience

The colloquium will include select participants from relevant sectors/ organizations, including:

  • Academia and Research institutions

  • NGOs and CBOs

  • United Nations

  • Donors

  • Government

How to register

For further information please email to

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